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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip & Ultra Metallic Lip Collection

I finally got my second package from Colourpop which contained most of the Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Metallic Lips that I ordered. So in total, I have 7 ultra matte lips and 7 ultra metallic lips on hand with me right now. Seven in the ultra matte lip range is pretty little but in the ultra metallic range, it is pretty much the majority of the collection. I left out colors that sounded too bronzey or yellow after the bad case with Flitter in my previous post.  You can click on the linked video to watch the entire swatching of all 14 colors on my Chinese/Asian lips but just in case you're too lazy, I pulled some screenshots of each color out from the video. I also added a short review for each shade that I did not include in the video. The colors that I chose were mainly dark colors because they suit my skin tone better. Definitely getting more soon though! About me: fair skinned Chinese with neutral skin tones. LUMIERE 2 Dusty mauve pink from a collaboration with Ka

First Impressions: ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks

I know ColourPop has been around for awhile and the whole hype about it has been going on ever since Kylie Cosmetics came out with their matte liquid lipsticks and people were trying to find cheaper alternatives to them. I don't use lipsticks a lot and I have a ton at home that I don't even use so it took me hella long to jump onto the bandwagon. But, I finally caved and got myself a few liquid lipsticks to try out.  Since it's $30 to get free shipping, I picked out 5 liquid lipsticks - 2 matte and 3 metallic. All their liquid lipsticks are priced at $6 each so it is very affordable and super easy to over pack your cart with stuff ! I've never tried out a proper matte liquid lipstick before so I have nothing to compare it to, but at the same time, it is my honest first opinion about them. Also, I hardly see any swatches of them on asian skin so why not? Before we get started, here's a shot of my bare lips. I am a fair skinned asian with neutral undertones. I hav

DIY Denim Trends

Denim is something we use all year round and it never goes out of style. But, if you do find yourself bored with the pieces you have, you can always upcycle your clothes and turn it into something trendy!  90s Style - Patches! Patches have made a comeback and they are so easy to add to your clothes because you literally just iron them on. Remember to place a protective cloth over the patch before ironing so that you do not burn your denim or patch. I found that ironing with high heat worked best in melting the glue. You might need to go over the patch a few times, especially at the edges to ensure that it is secure. An easy way to check for gaps between the patches and denim is to trace the outline of your patch with your fingernail.  Statement Jackets Jackets with phrases on the back is something that is super trendy right now. If you are on a budget, you could easily DIY one with a bit of patience and fabric paint.  I've made a California stencil based