Thursday, October 27, 2016

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip & Ultra Metallic Lip Collection

I finally got my second package from Colourpop which contained most of the Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Metallic Lips that I ordered. So in total, I have 7 ultra matte lips and 7 ultra metallic lips on hand with me right now. Seven in the ultra matte lip range is pretty little but in the ultra metallic range, it is pretty much the majority of the collection. I left out colors that sounded too bronzey or yellow after the bad case with Flitter in my previous post. 

You can click on the linked video to watch the entire swatching of all 14 colors on my Chinese/Asian lips but just in case you're too lazy, I pulled some screenshots of each color out from the video. I also added a short review for each shade that I did not include in the video. The colors that I chose were mainly dark colors because they suit my skin tone better. Definitely getting more soon though!

About me: fair skinned Chinese with neutral skin tones.

Dusty mauve pink from a collaboration with Kathleen Lights. Under room lighting, it tends to look dark purple on my lips though. It's still a pretty shade though I had expected it to be more of a pink than purple. Pretty much transfer proof! 

Another dusty mauve pink with more pink tones. I'm surprised at how it looked on me because I was expecting it to look washed out as all nude pinks tend to do. Pretty transfer proof too!

A darker mauve pink which is perfect for my skin tone. It dried darker than in the bottle but I adore this color. Also pretty much transfer proof! 

Looks like a bright fuschia pink on me although the website describes it as a dusty mauve pink (how misleading). Transfers and smudges!

YAAAS. Give me more of this!! I adore this cranberry red with hints of pink. I've been looking for a red lipstick that leans on a darker side and I think this is perfect. Transfers!

Got so many compliments when I wore this out recently. It's a brownish-red/burgundy color that looks darker under room lighting but makes a great vampy lip. Transfers a bit!

Dark burgundy red. Color is great but you can tell that it is a bit streaky and patchy. Not sure why it dried with the outer lip darker than the inner lip. Transfers!

Cool toned ivory with silvery glitters. Perfect as a lip topper because it is quite sheer. Also, because my lips have been stained bright pink at this point from all the swatching, it looks extra pretty. Transfers!

I think there are many fans of this color but I am just not one of them. The reflective gold color just does not go well with my skin which already looks yellow (cos asian). Otherwise, the pink base looks really pretty and the gold glitter is very intense so it gives a true metallic finish. Transfers!

This is supposed to be a rose gold, but c'mon, it looks more like a copper shade to me. I would only use the term "rose gold" if it had more hints of pink but there's none at all. It's still pretty nonetheless and brown lips are in right now? Transfers!

I had expected this to be a darker red but it is pretty sheer and looked like a neutral red on me. Transfers!

This is a pretty mix of brown and red to give a rustic coppery color. Super metallic like Flitter. Transfers!

Since Kween did not turn out dark red, I'm glad this one did! It's a great rusty red with gold glitter, but nothing as intense as Flitter. Transfers!

All time favorite Ultra Metallic Lip color. It is slightly sheer but it is build-able. This is a beautiful plummy pink with gold glitter and I can't stop wearing this. Love it to bits. Transfers!

Definitely watch the video if you'd like to see more!