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ColourPop Holiday 2016

Limited edition packaging and colors? Hell yeah! Time for another order...

I got everything in the 2016 Holiday Collection except for Sleigh (eyeshadow), Fanny Pack (highlighter) and Knotty (Ultra Matte Lip) but I am thinking of adding the former two to my collection. So, if you were to get the entire collection, that would total up to $174. They have since added new kits to their holiday collection and I will be getting the Blues Baby kit in my next purchase. 

In the meantime, they shipped my order in a huge box this time with a cool retro red design.

Let's start with the sets first since they are the main attraction of the collection. It is designed and packaged like a vinyl record. The external sleeve is a thick glossy cardboard decorated in retro leopard prints and roses. The blue parts of the box are metallic foil so they are reflective. The shade names are printed on the back of the sleeve box. The record kits are also a thick cardboard box so it is pretty sturdy but it would have been cool if they were metal. I guess ColourPop's products are too low cost for such fancy packaging. 

Never Not Chillin
There are a total of 6 shades and they are not your typical festive colors but they are absolutely beautiful. I swatched them really lightly so if this is the kind of color payoff that I can get, that means they are really pigmented. 

Peekaboo (Metallic)
"Metallic ivory with silver glitter"
This is a beigey yellow shade with silver glitter. It's a nice sparkly shade to highlight the inner corners or brow bone. It kinda blends with my skintone because asian. It's got decent but not superb pigmentation and that could be because it's a lighter shade. 

Patchwork (Ultra Glitter)
"Ultra-glitter turquoise with duo chrome glitters"
This shade is so pretty! It's like blue and turquoise but also duo-chromed so it also looks purple in other angles. This one is packed with turquoise, purple and silver glitter. It is super sparkly, very very pigmented and also very creamy. 

Thirsty Girl (Metallic)
"Metallic bronze with multi-dimensional glitter"
Definitely not as glittery as Patchwork but still dazzled with tons of silver sparkles. It's a goldy bronze. A little went a long way with this one too. 

Desert (Satin)
"Satin warm bronze"
This one is exceptionally creamy and moist. I was quite taken aback. Since this is a satin finish, there is a sheen to it. It picked up and applied really well. There are some pink tones to this one so it looks like a warm light brown. This looks great as an eyelid base or crease color so I like to go over my lid with this before working any color on top.

Babykins (Ultra-Metallic)
"Metallic burgundy with pink glitter"
ColourPop calls it burgundy but I like to just call it plum. It's drizzled with tons of pink and silver glitter so it's shiny like Thirsty Girl. It's an ultra metallic but I don't think there are more sparkles in this than Thirsty Girl. Again, this is very very pigmented so you definitely do not need a lot to get this on. 

Fairfax (Matte)
"Matte black brown"

This is a deep cool toned chocolate brown. At first glance, it reminded me of Mittens but Mittens has more reds in it while this is a true dark chocolate brown. It is very creamy as well and the payoff is intense so I only needed a bit to swatch it. You can definitely use this shade to darken the crease or build it up to smoke out the outer corners. 

Definitely digging all the shades in this kit. Once these shadows set, they are definitely quite budgeproof and the base color does not transfer. I can't say that about the glitter portion about the shadows because a bit of loose glitter is bound to happen unless you use a glitter glue primer. They left a good stain on my arm even after I had washed it with soap and water. 

Kiss And Tell
(Ultra Glossy Lip)
There are 5 Ultra Glossy Lips in this set and they are all in metallic finishes. They are generally pretty sheer with the exception of Furry. You can wear them on their own or top it on top of a lip color for extra shine and dimension.

Tight Fit
"Light peachy pink in a metallic finish"
Since it's pretty sheer and light, it does go on with a tint of pink with pink and silver glitters.

"Light gold topped with silver glitter in a metallic finish"
There's a slight yellow tone to this one but it generally still looks pinky. 

"Rich burgundy in a metallic finish"
I love this one because it goes very well with my skintone. It is the most pigmented of the lot and contains red-pink glitter. Reminds me of dark cherries. 

"Mid tone gold with multi dimensional glitter in a metallic finish"
This is a true gold bronze with warm undertones and kinda reminds me of Maneater but this is definitely more yellow. 

"Cool-toned silver taupe in a metallic finish"
I'm not a fan of greyish shades because they look sickly so I think I will be using this as a lip topper. It definitely has a taupe base so that does give it some color. 

To And From
(Lippie Stix)
Again, there are 6 different shades in this set. They are in the Matte and Matte X finishes so if you are a fan of matte lips then this kit is for you. It's got a good range of nude pinks to purples and reds. Plus, their matte lippie stix go on very creamy and smooth (contrary to what they look like). They do not dry down to a transfer proof lip unlike the Ultra Matte Lips so there will be some transfer and wear over time, but they are small and portable enough to bring with you everywhere to touch up. 

Parker (Matte)
"Mid-tone warm nude"
I must admit that I did not have high hopes for this one because of the word "nude" but it wore as a nice nude peach on me. It looks good against my skintone so I'm happy. This one applied creamy and smooth. 

Cami (Matte X)
"Mid-tone mauve"
This is one of the shades that I already own in my collection so this is not new to me. It appears as a darker rose pink, almost berry pink, on my lips than a mauve. It's in their new Matte X formula which is supposed to be matter than matte but it applies very creamy and smooth too. Still transfers but slightly less.

Baewatch (Matte)
"Dusty rose"
I thought this looked more like a dark rose pink with purple tones. It's a beautiful color and the formula is very moisturizing too. 

Pack Pack (Matte X)
"Deepened dirty plum"
A deep purple with some red tones. This one applied patchy though. It was a tad dry and the application wasn't as smooth as the previous three. I couldn't seem to layer up the patchy areas.

Weekender (Matte X)
"Warm true red"
Oooh lala. Who doesn't like a classic red lip? This one has slight orange tones to it. Ever so slight. This applied nicely!

Tutu (Matte)
"Blackened red violet"
Love the color but hate the formula. This is another one of those perfect vampy shades. It's a dark maroon but the formula was so sticky and patchy! It didn't dry down as the other matte shades did and there was a sheen. It felt so tacky and heavy just sitting on my lips. Ugh!

That's a wrap for the record kits. Now on to the single products.
There are four festive eyeshadow shades to choose from but I only have three of them over here. From left to right: Just For Fun, Tinsel and Koosh. I'm missing Sleigh but I think I will be purchasing that soon. The packaging of these are in the same retro theme. The blue roses are metallic foil so they are reflective. I found that these eyeshadows did not have the same moist and creamy texture that the record kit eyeshadows had. They felt drier and more like pressed powder which is quite unusual for ColourPop because their shadows are usually moist and bouncy. 

Koosh (Ultra Metallic)
"Icy silver taupe"
Ultra metallic indeed. This is the brightest and most metallic shade of the lot. It's a taupe but it kinda looks like it has some warm purple tones in it. The pigment and shine to this is intense. Love it.  

Just For Fun (Metallic)
"Soft pink with a bright gold duo chrome glitter"
I think this one looks like Tea Party but more pink. I'm not sure though because I don't own Tea Party. It is a true sheer pink with gold glitter. The color does show but it is more on the sheer side. Not quite as pigmented. 

Tinsel (Metallic)
"Grayed out icy lavender"
This one is a nice plummy pink and kinda reminds me of their Ultra Metallic Lip 3-Way. It's very sparkly too but I had expected to be more pigmented since it is a rather dark shade. 

Moving on, I got one of the two highlighters:

Strapped (Pearlized)
"Soft cool toned pink with a silver flip"
I honestly do not know how ColourPop gets away with misrepresenting the colors of their shades on their website. What I received looks vastly different from the pink that they showed on their site:
It's a dark blue pink in this stock photo but what I got was more of a soft peachy pink. Also, my highlighter arrived warped and slightly shrunk. The formula of this was intensely moist and creamy though. It applied very smoothly and because it's a pearlized finish, it gave more of a sheen than brightening effect. Since it's a pink, it doubles up as a nice blush to add color and highlight to your cheeks. 

The single lip products are packaged in the same retro print themed print with leopard prints and blue roses. The ultra mattes have red tips and the satins have pink tips while the glosses have green tips.

Nonsense (Ultra Glossy Lip)
"Lavender and pink duo chrome in a silver sheer finish"
I'm glad the base color is a sheer finish because that would just look weird on me. The glitters in here are very pretty and you can definitely tell that it gives a pinky purple sparkle.

Kink (Ultra Glossy Lip)
"Pink and violet duo chrome in a sheer finish"
Hot pink fuschia with tons of glitter. It's got more pigmentation but it appears slightly muted on the lips since it's a sheer finish. The glitters give it a very pretty sheen.

Wink (Ultra Satin Lip)
"Deep pinky plum"
This is a beautiful dusty berry pink shade and it is just perfect for the season. Transfers.

Bijou (Ultra Satin Lip)
"Cool toned rose"
I guess cool toned rose = purple? Because that is what it looks like on me. There are more purple tones than pink so it looks like a dark mauve. Transfers.

Embellish (Ultra Matte Lip)
"Deepened blackened brown" 
Brown lips are in but I'm just not feeling it. If you are into it, this is a nice cool toned dark chocolate brown. This one is rather patchy and it somehow just won't sit on my inner lip. Does not transfer.

Wild Nothing (Ultra Matte Lip)
"Dusty plum brown"
This one seems like a dusty rose with hints of brown. It's a very wearable shade and also falls under the natural spectrum so it will definitely suit a lot of skintones. Does not transfer.

Perky (Ultra Matte Lip)
"Warm toned muted rose"
This one wore as a nice and natural rose pink. Very wearable for the daily and will also suit a lot of people. Does not transfer.

ColourPop released some full sized liquid lipstick sets shortly after their holiday collection - Blues Baby, Forever or Never and For Fox Sake. The latter two sets contained shades from their permanent line which I already owned so I got the Blues Baby set which has three new shades!

All the lippies in here are in their Ultra Matte Lip formulation and the three new shades are Mink, Smitten and Play Date. I'm not sure if they are completely new shades but you can't get them as singles at the moment. As usual, the box is in the same retro blue rose theme as their holiday collection and the bottles are in the black frosted packaging. The shades in here are really dark and lean more on the vampy spectrum so if you are a fan of dark lips then this set is for you. However, I do find that most of them dry patchy which is just embarrassing because the colors are gorgeous. 

Mink (Ultra Matte Lip)
"Plum brown"
I honestly wasn't expecting this to be so dark and brown but you can definitely notice the hints of red in their to give it that plummy color. It's not patchy and streaky and applied evenly for me. Does not transfer.

Smitten (Ultra Matte Lip)
"Deep wine"
I am smitten with this color but the formulation of it is sooooo sooooo bad. It dried extremely patchy and it was just awful. That is with one coat so if you dare to layer it then go for it but I generally do not like the idea of layering a second coat because nasty things can happen when a matte liquid lipstick gets too thick (ie. crumbling and flaking). It's just embarrassing to walk around with a patchy dark lip so.. :/ Does not transfer.

Play Date (Ultra Matte Lip)
"Blackened magenta"

The term "blackened" makes it sound as if the shade is going to be extremely dark but it really isn't. it's like a very muted fuschia which is very pretty. I attribute that tiny light patch in the middle of my lip to bad application and pursing of my lips before it dried (or it could really be the formula) but it is actually much better than Smitten. Love the color and does not transfer.

Avenue and Notion have already been reviewed in my UML collection post here


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