Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter - Flexitarian & Might Be

ColourPop came up with their new Super Shock Cheek Highlighters not too long ago. There were a total of four shades - Flexitarian, Might Be, Candyman and Do Not Disturb. They are $8 each so I picked out the first two shades since they were on the lighter side. 

Flexitarian - Swing both ways in this intense white champagne in a Pearlized finish
Might Be - You'll never know what this bright metallic rose gold in a Pearlized finish might be up to
Candyman - Get your fix with this super metallic rich gold in a Pearlized finish
Do Not Disturb - You won't want no interruptions while you're going strong in this vibrant warm bronze in a Pearlized finish

However, they arrived shattered and I was devastated. Plus, Might Be didn't look like a rose gold as described on the website. It seemed so dark that it leaned more towards a copper or bronze. Anyway, I contacted their customer service regarding the broken highlighters and managed to get replacements for them. 

If you've been researching lots on ColourPop, you'd know that the texture of their powders are pretty interesting and very different from other brands. These highlighters have a mousey texture and slightly damp feel to them. They are very squishy and spongey but they pick up easily on the fingers and you get the most pigmentation by applying the product using your fingers. 

This one is true to description. It's white with tons of silvery glitters and micro pink and green glitters. You don't really notice the colored glitters so it is perfect to use as a typical highlighter. This is great for light-fair skin tones.

Might Be
It looks darker on my face and is more of a blush or bonzer kinda color. I'm not sure how to use this as a highlighter since it applies dark on my skintone. I guess this would be more suitable for medium-dark skintones so that it shows up and blends better.

I did a light swatch on my hand. The colors are buildable but I'm not sure if I will ever want or need to use the shades in their full on pigmentation. Also, I washed these off and took a shower shortly after but noticed that some of the micro glitters were still around at night so that is some stubborn glitter. No hate though, because I want to coat my entire body in this glittery goodness. 

My camera fails to capture the true shine of these highlighters but they are truly very glittery. If you hate glitter then it is best to stay away from these. The glitter does transfer so it is not budge proof.