Friday, November 18, 2016

Playing with $1 Makeup from ShopMissA

I stumbled upon ShopMissA a long time ago and actually got these items awhile back so they're probably not in stock anymore. Anyway, everything on that site is $1 each so there are some things that are definitely worth the buck, and some that are not. For example, eyeshadow palettes are seriously worth getting to try out but sharpeners for a dollar? You can get them cheaper at the stationery store. 

I picked up a range of items from eyeliners to blush to lipstick so here's my rundown of everything. If you're curious to see how all this makeup came together to form a look, then watch the video! 

Face products

Amuse 2-in-1 Foundation Stick
(Medium Beige)

You get a ton of product in this one. It comes in a twist bottle, much like a lipstick except this is foundation. There's a pink undertone to this shade so I think it compliments my skintone. However, the texture of it is so sticky and uncomfortable, especially since my skin tends to get oily. It is definitely blendable but the coverage is pretty light. Overall, not really a good product.

Amuse Blush
(Natural Pink)
This blush comes with a mirror and brush on the flip side and the pigmentation is pretty decent for a dollar. It's a very pretty pink for a natural touch to the cheeks and I think I will be using it often. The only downside of this is that the packaging is very bulky for single blush palette. 

KleanColor Tanned Rawr Matte Bronzer
(Tahiti Matte)

Another bad product. I literally had to scrub my finger to get the product off the pan and it applied very sheer on my arm while swatching - what more on my face! It would have been great for contouring but this shade does have warm orange undertones so it just does not work for me. Sad.

Elf Cosmetics Shimmering Facial Whip

This is one of ELF's highly raved product. You can use it all over your face for lots of glow or as a highlighter. This color is jammed pack with a ton of silvery glitters so that definitely serves its purpose. It's very blendable and buildable. However, I do find that it feels a tad sticky and heavy. Still, it is pretty decent for a dollar.

Eye Products

Elf Cosmetics Brightening Eye Shadow

The white shade is pretty much useless since it does not pick up no matter how hard I dig for pigment. It doesn't transfer on as well. The other shades have good pigmentation for the price and they are in a satin metallic finish. Not too glittery or shimmery. No fallout and it lasted a whole day the last time I used it. 

LA Colors Eyeshadow
(Wine & Roses)

All of these swatched well considering they were only a dollar. Plus, you get five shades in this one so you can create a few looks with it. These are pinky purply toned with a satin metallic finish. 

LA Colors Eyeshadow

This palette is more of a cool-toned blue grey themed palette to create the classic smokey eye look. The darkest shade isn't very intense though, so it's not going to smoke your eye a lot. I think the Elf eyeshadow palette would do a better job in creating a smokey eye look. Not much variation to this one since the shades are on the same spectrum. 


I got one eyebrow pencil and five eyeliner pencils because I thought eyeliner pencils were supposed to be the beginner's eyeliner tool. Turns out that was wrong because the pencils never worked for me. Pencils do not create sharp crisp lines with an intensity as strong as that of liquid liners. Plus, I found that I had more control with liquid liners instead of pencils. Eyeliner pencils tend to smudge on my lower lash line throughout the day too and that is not fabulous at all. 

The white and black LA Colors pencil had a sticky texture and was hard to apply. That wouldn't sit well on the eyes, I bet. The Elf pencil is smoother but not quite as black. Not sure about the brand name of the third one but it looks the best out of all the eyeliner pencils. 

Lip Products

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub
(Dark Cherry)

A little goes a long way with this one. One swipe is all you need to exfoliate your lips since it is packed with lots of grains and nut shells. It's a really good product for $1 and very useful as well. It does feel sticky but I guess that's because of the petroleum jelly that is typical in lip balms. It smells super yummy though, so that is a plus for this product.

KleanColor Everlasting Lipsticks
(Pretty Pink & Iced Pink)

First off, these are not everlasting at all. They apply sheer and feel like lip balms to me. Pretty pink is a true baby pink shade with lots of silver glitters. This one looks like icing on a cake but tends to wash me out. Iced Pink is a peachy pink with gold glitters. As much as I dislike gold on my skin, this one is not overpowering so I'll take it. 

Andddd this is the final look that I created using all the products! Well, obviously I could only choose one of the eyeshadows so I picked the LA Colors Wine & Roses palette for an overall blushy nude look.