Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ColourPop Summer '17 Heat Collection Lip Swatches | Asian Skin

Yay! Who doesn't love it when ColourPop releases new lippies? They called these the heat collection and there are 8 new lip colors.

There is a trio bundle called Sun Seeker for $15 and this includes one of each type of finish - glossy, satin and matte.
Cabana Boy (Ultra Glossy Lip)
Cabana Boy is a rose gold in a metallic finish and it is beautiful. It has just the right amount of pigmentation and it looks beautiful worn on its own. You can use it as an accent on top of other lip colors too. This one feels really comfortable on the lips and not heavy or tacky at all.

Tidal (Ultra Satin Lip)
Tidal is a warm brown and this was really pigmented. It dried down to quite a matte finish but it's not transfer proof. Super comfortable and not streaky. It would be a great nude for deeper skin tones.

Sizzle (Ultra Matte Lip)
Sizzle is described as a warm berry but it seems like a really bright coral red in my opinion. Even so, it's really pigmented and it's a cute bright color for summer.

The rest of these colors are sold individually for $6. I didn't get Extra Toppings because I thought it was a bright coral orange but it seems to lean more red. I'm not sure. I wouldn't have gotten Trouble Maker if I didn't need to but I had to hit free shipping.

Trouble Maker (Ultra Matte Lip)
This is described as a mid-toned brown peach. It's really orange on me and I don't really like it. Plus the formula for this particular color feels really dry and crumbly. You can already see it settling into my lip lines and it just didn't feel comfortable.

Top 8 (Ultra Matte Lip)
Top 8 is a rosey brown and I love this color so much! It's the perfect lip color to throw on for any occasion and it's just so flattering on all skin tones.

Sunshowers (Ultra Matte Lip)
This is a deep plum and the color is gorgeous too. However, it doesn't really stay on the insides of my lips so there is a stain there. It is quite pigmented but if the applicator runs dry, it will apply streaky.

Circles (Ultra Matte Lip)
This is a cool toned burgundy and if you are looking for a true dark red without brown or purple undertones, this is the one. It is slightly patchy so you will need 2 coats. A single coat doesn't feel dry or cracky so a second layer shouldn't hurt.

I love these colors and there is apparently a change in formula but I didn't notice much difference. ColourPop's UML normally are not an issue for me. I mean, I don't find them particularly drying or crumbly. What I did notice is that they do not settle as much into my lip lines so my lips do not look as wrinkly.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Photoshop Tutorial: Adding Colored Highlights to Dark Hair

Doing something different today! In this post, I'm going to show you how I added blue, purple and pink highlights to my hair for my Instagram post here: For the final result, click the link or scroll all the way down! 

I did this on Photoshop CS 6 but I do believe the features that I used are available on CS 5 and maybe CS 4 and CS 3. 

This is the original image that I started off with. You can see that I have dark brown - black hair and some areas are already naturally lit by the sunlight coming from the right.
Step 1: You do not need to duplicate your background layer. Instead, create a new layer and set the blending mode to Color Dodge. This will result in a brightened image but just ignore that for now.

Step 2: Fill the layer with a color fill of your choice. I would recommend starting with white as it is the easiest to see against the dark colored hair.

Step 3: Add a layer mask and fill it with black. Keyboard shortcut: alt/option-click.
Step 4: Now, we are going to work on the mask layer and not the original layer. So, click on the black filled box to switch layers.

Choose a soft brush in a suitable size for your highlights. It takes some trial and error here depending on your file size and how you like the highlights to appear.
Step 5: Start highlighting the portions of your hair that you want to add color/highlight to.
Step 6: Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. This will help to soften the edges of your highlight and diffuse it so that it looks more natural.
Step 7: Lower the Fill, depending on how bright or how intense you want the highlights to be. This can also be adjusted later on after changing the color of the highlights.
Step 8: Finally, switch back to the white layer and use the paint bucket to change the color to experiment with different colored highlights. I find that darker colors work better against dark hair due to the blending mode of the layer. It gives a nice natural tint and highlight and totally changes up the look!
You can repeat the steps to create more layers with different colors. Who says you need to dye your hair to achieve mermaid/unicorn hair status?

Monday, August 7, 2017

ColourPop x Karrueche Fem Rosa Collection | Swatches & Review

Karrueche recently did another collaboration with ColourPop and I'm obsessed with the colors and the packaging of this collab. It's all pink and roses - both things which I love! The packaging is soooo pretty. Everything is covered with roses. The two face palettes have a rose pink box with the shade names but the back of the palettes themselves have the shade names too so you do not need to keep the external packaging if you don't want to. The labels are a pretty rose gold foil so it looks amazing. 

The collection launched with a PR set at $46 that includes a PR box or a bundle set of everything for $40 which is a discount of $6.

She $16
This is the second mini eyeshadow palette that ColourPop released. Yes, Please is the first one and that is sort of a dupe to the Natasha Denona sunset palette. There are 12 x 0.85g of product, which is really value for money. A normal 26mm pan contains about 1.5g of product so you can do the math. The palette itself isn't very big. It's kinda small but pictures always put them out of perspective. However, that makes the palette really compact for travel.
 Top to bottom: Ladylike (metallic soft ivory), Babe (satin light peachy pink), Dainty (metallic pinky taupe), Chick (metallic subtle gold)
 Top to bottom: Mademoiselle (metallic rose gold), Gal (metallic red with copper duochrome), Empress (metallic mid-toned pink plum), Filly (metallic rusty orange)
 Check out how Gal (second from the right) looks duochrome! 
 Top to bottom: Dear (matte warm rose), Missy (matte deep burgundy), Damsel (matte smokey violet), Duchess (matte dusty coral)
 The palette is swatched from right to left here with Ladylike on the far right and Duchess on the far left.

The colors are pretty but the formulas aren't very good. For the first row, Ladylike and Dainty are really pigmented and metallic, but Babe and Chick are really sheer with little pigmentation. These shades are also on the lighter side so it's going to take a bit to layer them.

The second row is generally fine. All the colors are really pigmented. Mademoiselle and Gal are really metallic with Gal having a little more texture and glitter. Empress and Filly are pigmented but not as metallic or shimmery.

The third row of mattes are disappointing. These are the only mattes in the palette. Dear is really pigmented and spreads well but it's also on the powdery side so it kicks back a lot. The other three pick up well but do not spread at all. It took me 3 times to build up the swatches you see on my arm. Also, the colors appear vastly different as compared to the pan. Dear and Duchess are much brighter while Missy and Damsel are lighter and not as pigmented as you think they would be. If you compare the swatches, they are also hugely different than what is shown on the website. 

This is a look that I created with a bunch of the shadows. Really colorful, if I must say so myself:
I started with Duchess on my crease area and it appeared as a really bright peachy orange, so I went over it with Dear to try and tone it down a little. For my outer corners, I used Missy first but pigmentation was really lacking so I tried to mix some Damsel in to darken it more. You can see that it applied kinda uneven on my eyes. One spot has an obvious purple. I tried. These two shades just do not blend well. For the inner half of my lids, I took Chick to metallize the lids and patted Gal on the center of my lids. The addition of Gal helped blend the colors between Chick and whatever is on my outer corner so that it looked like a smoother transition. You can also sorta see the copper glitter. For my inner corners, I used Babe and since this is a rather sheer shade, I had to layer it on quite a bit to get my desired highlight. I have Ladylike on my brow bone but you can't really tell. I do swear that it appears very metallic and makes a great highlight shade though. I also smudged Empress on my lower lash line. It's not very obvious but it's there. My brush just didn't pick it up very well. 

Her $15
Let me start off by saying that I love this face palette. You get 3g of product in each pan so that's $5 per pan, which is alright. The shades though. Lassie is a pearlised true gold highlighter, Mistress is a matte rosey pink blush and Dame is a matte neutral brown bronzer. These are so pigmented and blend out so well.

The bronzer is is amazing as it does not pull orange or red on me at all! I love that it is a true neutral brown and it's going to suit everyone! It's definitely not too dark as long as I use a small amount and blend it out. The blush is such a pretty neutral pink. It is super pigmented so if you go in heavy, it might be too dark for fair skin but as long as you blend it out properly, it can look very natural. The highlight is a true yellow gold and complements the blush color perfectly. It adds a pop to your look and a little is enough to give a blinding glow without being chunky.

Fem Rosa $15

Polished (Ultra Glossy Lip)
For a limited time, spending $20 or more on the Fem Rosa collection will entitle you to this ultra glossy lip for free. It's like a metallic copper shade and it is super pigmented. The formula is slightly thicker but it is not tacky and does not feel heavy on the lips. It still feels like it clings on and the color is just amazing.

Contessa (Ultra Glossy Lip)
This is described as a warm gold sprinkled with pink and gold glitter in a sheer finish. It looks really pretty in the tube but it appears pretty colorless on the lips. Also, I don't see any hints of pink glitter. Not my favorite of the bunch but it's still a good lip gloss.

Mrs (Ultra Satin Lip)
This is described as a deepened coral but it actually appears much brighter than you would expect "deepened" to be. It's not neon bright but it is still bright. It leans more on the coral pink side so I'm glad it doesn't look orange on me. It's a really cute color for summer but personally, it's not my go-to kind of color. Pigmentation and formula-wise; yes.

Darling (Ultra Satin Lip)
Ah. This shade is an absolute darling. I love these sorta shades. Right up my alley. This is described as a deep plum and it did not apply streaky or patchy at all. Everyone will look good in this shade and it feels completely comfortable.

Overall, my favorite items are the Her face palette, Darling USL and Polished UGL. However, I do love the overall color scheme of the collection and I do not regret getting it. I will definitely continue using the She palette even though the shadows suck at blending. I will make it work!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

ColourPop Crystal Collection | Swatches & Review

This blog post is coming to you slightly late but my YouTube video was right on time! So, being the trendy hippie company that ColourPop is, they would be hopping onto the crystal energy thing. I'm not into it but if they're going to give me good products, then I'm in for the new makeup. 

This collection is infused with real crystals! 

They released new priming sprays, setting sprays, liquid highlighters and lip balms for this collection. I got a bit of everything because I'm on a budget and I really do not need everything. Ugh. 

I am obsessed with the packaging of this collection. Everything feels so well made. The boxes are thick and wrapped with extra cardboard inside for more cushioning because the bottles are made of glass! I'm really impressed with how they upped their packaging for this collection. The boxes and sticker labels have a pearlescent holographic sheen to it and the crystal colors peeking over the corners like a real stone. The gold parts are glitter with a transparent sealant. Everything just looks so pretty and apt for the collection. 

I'm hoping they restock the collection soon because I want to get a couple more items from it. My pictures are a little overexposed but you still get the idea of how they look :) 

Aventurine Setting Spray $6/55ml
I got the Aventurine setting spray because it was targeted for oily skin. The priming spray for oily skin would be Amethyst and I regret not getting it to try out. I thought I wouldn't really need a priming spray because I've got other primers that I use for my makeup and I didn't really trust ColourPop's primer sprays. I didn't want it to be too moisturizing for my skin because I live in the tropics and my skin doesn't need that much moisture.

This is decently sized at 55ml for $6 and since they offer free shipping internationally with orders over $50, I think this is a really good option if you need a priming or setting spray. I wore this out for a good 10 hours and I found that it really helped to control the oil production on my face. I felt less oily and my face didn't shine as much. It truly has a matte and silky smooth finish to it and I'm loving it. I really want to try the Amethyst priming spray now so that I can see if it will help to control the oil even better.

So, definitely no clogged pores from using this. It smells great and keeps my makeup in place for hours and hours. The only downside is that the mist isn't as fine and widespread so you will need a couple of shots each time.

 Crystal Liquid Highlighter $9/25ml
Yes, this is in a glass bottle and the boxes are sooooo gorgeous. They come in a pump bottle and it takes a few pumps initially to get the product out. Subsequently, each pump produces a LOT of product. It's really hard to control how much you want to pump out because even though I try to just pump a little bit, too much comes out.

The formula is like a typical liquid highlighter. It feels oily and doesn't really dry down. However, it did not clog my pores and stayed put rather well as long as I didn't touch my face. They have a white base so if you pile on too much, it might leave a white cast on your cheekbones (or wherever you put it on). However, the iridescent effect is really pretty. These are shimmery highlighters and not glittery so you can do a subtle look or layer another highlighter on for a blinding look.

Rose Quartz (Rose Gold infused with crushed Rose Quartz crystals)
I thought this would be more of a pink color because it's supposed to be in the Rose Quartz series. However, it looks more of a peachy gold. There is a tiny bit of pink shimmer in it but there is definitely more gold so it kinda reflects a rose gold-gold when applied. This particular shade is really subtle and does not show up as well as the other colors.

Amethyst (Lavender with a pink flip infused with crushed Amethyst crystals)
This color looks like an icy pinky purple. You can definitely tell that it isn't fully purple. It shows up very well on the skin and gives you a very nice unicorn vibe, especially when mixed with Aquamarine.

Aquamarine (Blue with a violet flip infused with crushed Aquamarine crystals)
This is a blue-violet color and because it has some purple in it, it blends really well with Amethyst. If you love a weird and unique alien-ish highlight, do try this one out.

 This is how all the three shades look compared together. 

This is how they look like when blended out. Over here, Rose Quartz is on the right and Aquamarine is on the left.

Crystal Lip Balm ($5/3.25g)
I must say that I am super impressed with the packaging of the lip balms. The tubes feel sturdy and they do not feel cheap. The product is a little hard to twist up but I'm fine with that because it doesn't feel shaky, as though the product is going to fall out anytime. There is 3.25g of product, which is the typical size of a lip balm as compared to their lippie stix which are only 1g for the same price. These lip balms have a beautiful opalescent finish so they look great alone or as a lip topper. They do not feel sticky, heavy or slippery on the lips at all but they will break down a matte liquid lipstick if you choose to wear them as a lip topper.

Overall, I really love this collection because I'm a sucker for iridescent/opalescent makeup. I love that these new products work as advertised and that they remain affordable. I need to grab a couple more things when they restock like the priming spray and the remaining lip balms. Let me know your thoughts!