Friday, January 6, 2017

ColourPop Moment of Weekness

Another ColourPop shipment means another swatch party! I did lip swatches of the Blues Baby set, the Hello Kitty expansion and the Moment of Weekness set in this recent video but the review of each color in the Blues Baby set and Hello Kitty expansion are updated in their respective blog posts: Blues Baby and Hello Kitty.

This blog post will be dedicated to the Moment of Weekness bundle which you can get on their website for $35 - a total steal since getting them individually would cost you $42 instead. 
All the lippies in this set are in their ultra matte formulation and I think the idea of having a lipstick color for each day of the week is pretty cute so that you don't have to think so hard about which lippie to go for everyday. However, apart from the two nude shades, the mid week ones are really bright and vibrant and I'm really not sure if others would wear such bright colors to work or whatever. I personally do not reach for a hot pink in the middle of the week unless there is something special going on that calls for a bright lip shade. Also, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't rock a black lip so often. With that said, no one is forcing you to wear these shades strictly on the days of the week as stated so it's really all for fun. 
The colors look really pretty altogether and I actually got 4 of them from one of their promos where they were giving away lippies for a certain amount spent. I don't have the Friday one in it's black packaging because I picked it up when they first released it during Black Friday. Hence, the packaging follows the holiday one, which is quite a bummer in my opinion because I really like the transparent bottle and metal caps. Plus, it would complete my set but I really do not like Friday that much as to buy a duplicate just for the packaging. Oh well.

I do enjoy the fact that the lipstick shades match the exterior box packaging and there is a cute motif for each day of the week. The insides of the box is also decorated with this motif so that is a nice change from their typical boxes.
"Soft terracotta"
A really nice nude pink that would be a MLLB on fair skintones. I did find the formulation of this to be extraordinarily thick, considering that this is a nude. CP nudes usually end up feeling light and thin on the lips but this was quite creamy and heavy. That usually means that it will accentuate your lip lines and crumble off during the day. It might be better if I drain some off the applicator before applying but that was my impression using just one swipe straight from the bottle as I always do. Does not transfer.

"Warm peachy beige"
This is a MLLB for me because it just matches up on my lips and skin so perfectly. Again, it felt creamy and thick for a nude shade just like Sunday, which makes me wonder if ColourPop changed their formulas for these. Ugh. I love the color so much though. Does not transfer.

"Bright coral red"
After a dreary Monday back at work, would you wear a bright coral red to work to brighten up your day? This one is of normal thin consistency so it applied nicely and evenly, no streakiness or patchiness. Does not transfer.

"Vibrant hot pink"
On wednesdays we wear pink, right? Not just any pink but the brightest pink. I feel like this would work best if you are going out shopping or for a night time look, unless you really do the bright and bold lips for work then go for it, of course. It is truly a pretty pink but this felt creamy and thick too. Does not transfer.

"Brilliant red violet"
Now we are back to my kinda colors. This is a pretty pinky purple shade so it is very wearable and easy on the eyes. The formula is quite normal too - no patchiness, not streaky and does not transfer.

"True black"
Is it me or does it actually look like it has some green tones to it? No matter how much I stare at it, it just does not look like a true black. It feels like they got Dr M and mixed more black pigments into it. Did I get a dud? Does not transfer.

"Saturated blackberry"
Love this shade and formula. You know I love dark lip colors and this one was surprisingly not patchy! It's not my ideal dark red but since the formula is on point, I'll probably be using this more. Does not transfer.