Monday, January 30, 2017

RealHer Matte Liquid Lipstick

RealHer is not a well known brand but they have a good cause at heart. This brand is all about female empowerment and empowering the user to be true to herself, independent and free. You can definitely read more about their brand on their website. 
I picked up three of their liquid lipsticks in the shades I Am Fearless (pink berry), I Deserve The Best (mauve pink) and I Am Tough (blue red). They claim to be paraben free, cruelty free and infused with shea butter and natural ingredients. As you can tell, their shade names are so strong and definitely a good reminder for us everyday.
This is how the other sides of the packaging looks like. It is designed and formulated in California, USA but filled in China. It has an expiry date 6 months from date of opening but a shelf life of about 2-3 years. Mine expires in 2019. The front of the box has a small viewfinder but it's not quite easy to tell the shade from that cutout because it is quite dark and small. Each tube has 4.5ml of product for $15 so that is quite a lot of product. 

You can get 10% off if you subscribe to their newsletter and I believe there is free shipping for this product, otherwise just get two because they offer free USPS 2-Day Priority Mail for orders over $25. Plus, if you get your item and you don't like the color, just contact them for a free exchange! They don't even require you to send the item back whether you've used it or not.
In addition to all those perks, RealHer donates 20% of all gross profits to the American Association of University Women to empower and educate women and girls. 
The tube comes in a rectangular bottle with a white cap and black body. There's a small transparent gap at the bottom to show you the color of the shade but it's pretty short and small. I would prefer if I could see the entire tube of the color. 
The applicator is a nice long doe foot paddle with a dip in the center to pick up product. It's easy to apply the lipstick on with clean lines so I'm pretty happy with that.

All of them applied a bit streaky but I can overlook that because they didn't streak that badly, and they have a nice sweet floral scent. 

This is how I Deserve The Best looks like on the lips. It's a nice nude pink shade that is perfect for everyday wear. It doesn't dry down darker than the tube so it is pretty true to what you see. I really like this color but the formula of it isn't stellar. It stung my lips and felt tightening while it was drying. It also dried with a tacky feeling after that but it didn't transfer. However, I feel like the tackiness contributed to making the liquid lipstick feel drying on the lips. 
I Am Fearless is a pink rose/pink berry shade and this one has a better formula. It has a thinner formula and is highly pigmented but it is still a tad patchy. There was no tight feeling or stinging or tackiness and it felt comfortable when I first put it on but it started to feel like it was going to crumble off after a few hours. Like if you rub your lips together, you can definitely feel some dry patches so that felt weird. It didn't flake off though and lasted through some pretty oily food. 
I Am Tough is a deep blue red. It has a similar formula to I Am Fearless so I believe they will perform the same way. It doesn't bleed and doesn't transfer. 

Since they are $15, I would expect a superior formula because there are a ton of indie brands out there with better formulas and color selection for the same price. These are supposed to have hyaluronic acid to moisturize your lips but they still get drying. 

All in all, I wouldn't rank these above my ColourPops because ColourPop's shades are not streaky or patchy and much more pigmented. Plus, they have an amazing color range and they are only $6. 

Pigmentation - 3.5/5 (for streakiness)
Application - 5/5 (great doe foot applicator for clean lines)
Comfort - 3/5 (tacky and drying)
Longevity - 5/5 (much more oil-proof than ColourPop)

I also have some dupes for the shades that I got with ColourPop's. You can get 2.5 ColourPops for the price of a RealHer.
Clueless is the closest dupe for the mauve pink shade, More Better for the rose pink and Ribbon for the dark red.