Monday, February 13, 2017

NYX Lip Lingerie Swatches & Review

I know I'm kinda late to the game but I only recently got my hands on the NYX Lip Lingerie line. I purchased the Advent Calendar - Box of Goodies which contained 12 mini lip lingeries and 12 eyeshadow singles. I think they retailed for $50 ($25 during Black Friday) but I got mine off a reseller. The mini lip lingeries have 4.7 ml/0.15 fl oz of product, which is very generous for a travel sized version, while the eyeshadows have 1.8 g/0.06 oz of product. The eyeshadows are unique to this collection and they have the same names as the lip lingeries. The full sized lip lingeries are $7 each and it seems like they contain less amount of product - 4 ml/0.13 fl oz. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. 

Everything is packed in a nice box with a sleeve:
The advent calendar opens up to reveal intricate lace-like details to match the lingerie theme. There are 24 windows to open to count down to Christmas and they are arranged as such.
I've only tried the lip lingeries but the eyeshadows look nice. They come in tiny booklets with a magnetic lid. 

I'll only be reviewing the lip lingeries for now. There are only 12 of the original shades in this box but there are 12 new shades in the collection so there are actually a total of 24 nude shades to pick from. NYX is not lying when they say that there is a nude shade for everyone. 

Packaging: Since these are the miniature sized ones, the packaging will differ from the original full sized ones. These come in a short tube with a transparent plastic body and black cap. It feels sturdy on the whole and definitely doesn't feel cheap or hollow. You can tell that there is a lot of product in the tube and it is not occupied by thick plastic. 

Formula (4/5): The overall formula of the lip lingeries are moussey. You can tell so by how it looks thick and creamy from the tube. They apply very lightweight and comfortable on the lips and I do not find them drying at all. They do not settle on my lip lines and they do not feel heavy or tight on my lips. They dry pretty fast and may or may not leave a slight tacky feeling. It doesn't bother me much because it's not extremely bad. Tolerable. They do not transfer once dry and the colors do not bleed. 

Application (3.5/5): These mini sized tubes have typical doe foot applicators. I think the original ones have a longer and thinner paddle foot or doe foot applicator. They tend to apply a tad sheer and streaky but it's not so obvious once it's dried down. Also, the colors blend with your lips so it looks very natural. I found it very easy to line my lips with the applicator and formula.

Comfort (4/5): Like I've said, these are extremely comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and non-drying. The only downside is that they may be a little tacky.

Longevity (3/5): These remove with a makeup wipe very easily, and my makeup wipe isn't very oily to begin with. As such, I do not foresee them to last long, or it may just come off easily while eating. The longest I've worn them for is 5 hours at the moment and that includes eating which causes the lipstick to fade. 

The lighter shades (Lace Detail, Satin Ribbon, Corset, Babydoll) have the streakiest application and also the worst formula. They are kind patchy and clumpy, and they do not layer well. I'm pretty sure they will crumble and flake fast so I don't recommend these shades. Moreover, they will wash out most skin tones. With that being said, my overall score for these are a 3.5/5

Honeymoon is a grey toned beige. It is slightly patchy but you can touch those parts up for fuller coverage. It looks like a light brown on me.

Embellishment is a muted purple. This seems to be a favorite of many but it looks very purple on me. I don't hate it. I'm just not sure when I'll reach out for it even though it is a very unique color. 

Lace Detail
Lace detail is a nude pink beige and you can definitely tell that there are pink tones to this. It is quite light and streaky so it kinda washes me out. I can probably balance it out if I had a very smoky eye going on.

Ruffle Trim
Ruffle trim is a cinnamon pink. I'm not sure what they mean by 'cinnamon' but I guess there are some orange tones to this. 

Beauty Mark
Beauty mark is a chocolate brown. I think it is the perfect shade for a brown lip because it is not too dark. It layers nicely and also goes on evenly and relatively pigmented.

Push Up
Push up is a brown spice pink and this is my perfect nude shade. What I mean by that is that is it matches my lip color perfectly so Push Up is essentially my lip color. It fades nicely and evenly on me and I can hardly tell my lips and the lipstick apart after I've eaten.

Satin Ribbon
Satin ribbon is a nude beige and it goes on streaky. You can see that it looks kinda crumbly already and this is just for swatches. It washes me out as well. 

Bedtime Flirt
Bedtime flirt is a red toned pink and this will look good on so many skin tones. It gives your lips a very natural flushed kinda look and highlights your lips, but not too much. 

Corset is a toffee nude and this just looks weird on me. It applied very sheer and layering made it look ugly and patchy. It washes me out too but it is a beige nude with a tinge of brown.

Teddy is a warm rich brown. Very similar to beauty mark but with more reddish tones. 

Babydoll is a nude pink and it is quite pale. Best suited for light skin tones and totally washes me out. It is quite streaky and patchy too. 

Exotic is a warm mahogany red. It is the most vibrant shade of the lot and if you are not into a super red lip, this is a good shade to go for. Not intensely red and leans on the almost 'natural' looking spectrum of reds. 

What do you think of the lip lingeries? Which are your favorite shades?