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ColourPop Spring Phase 1: Nectar

ColourPop's spring line is out and it's all about monochromatic looks. I enjoy monochromatic looks and I find myself doing that a lot naturally, because it is easy. The first phase is called Nectar and everything is in a peachy coral shade - not really my cup of tea but I don't really have these sort of colors in my stash, nor will I ever get them with other brands, so might as well get some from ColourPop. The colors may seem similar to the other peach items that CP released previously like the Peachy Keen Super Shock Shadow quad and the five peach themed liquid lipsticks. This line has quite a few things but what I did not get were the pressed powder eyeshadows and a couple of lip colors. The pressed eyeshadows looked really bright, neon and orange so I definitely will not be able to handle those and I will never reach for those colors. Moreover, CP's pressed eyeshadows are not the most value for money, but if you like them then just get them. They seem to ha

ColourPop Highlighter Trios

Watch the video for face swatches and live arm swatching! I also showed how they look like under natural light and ring light. ColourPop highlighters are one of my faves. I think it is a pretty darn good highlighter and all of them are packed full of glitter and shimmer so you can glow like the heavens if you wanted to. Seriously. They are $8 for 4.2g so that's $1.90/g which is decent. Their formulas for these are very unique and I haven't seen any other brand with a moussey creamy powder product quite like CP's.  They recently launched highlighter trios with dessert themes to match fair, medium and dark skin tones. Each trio is $22 so that's $2 off, and you get two new colors plus one best-selling color in their current range. Out of the two new ones, one of them is a tie dye highlighter, which are pretty to look at but essentially perform the same way as a normal solid colored highlighter. The cool part about the tie dye highlighters are that no two high