Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ColourPop Spring Phase 1: Nectar

ColourPop's spring line is out and it's all about monochromatic looks. I enjoy monochromatic looks and I find myself doing that a lot naturally, because it is easy. The first phase is called Nectar and everything is in a peachy coral shade - not really my cup of tea but I don't really have these sort of colors in my stash, nor will I ever get them with other brands, so might as well get some from ColourPop. The colors may seem similar to the other peach items that CP released previously like the Peachy Keen Super Shock Shadow quad and the five peach themed liquid lipsticks.

This line has quite a few things but what I did not get were the pressed powder eyeshadows and a couple of lip colors. The pressed eyeshadows looked really bright, neon and orange so I definitely will not be able to handle those and I will never reach for those colors. Moreover, CP's pressed eyeshadows are not the most value for money, but if you like them then just get them. They seem to have upped the amount in each pan to 1.5g now. 

I was actually on the fence for all of the lip colors except Faded and I think you should reconsider those colors by looking up more swatches and reviews before getting them. The swatch pictures on the ColourPop website are highly inaccurate and you will read my thoughts on the colors below. 

Going Rogue - Satin Soft Silvery Peach
This is a nice light yellow peach shade with a pearlized shimmer to it. It would make a good inner corner highlight or even as a cheek highlight. 

One By One - Satin True Pastel Peach
This is more of an orange toned peach as compared to Going Rogue but it has the same pearlized shimmery finish. The base color is darker and more pigmented but if you are using it lightly, it really doesn't matter. Both will show up the same on the inner corners when applied with a finger because most of the base pigment remains. You might have better luck with a brush or sponge tip applicator.

Flipper - Metallic Soft Tangerine
This one is super shiny and sparkly because it's a metallic finish - or might I say glitter. The base color is quite sheer and it didn't quite transfer onto my eyelids when I applied it on with a finger. It definitely added a ton of sparkle though.

You might be wondering if any of the shades in this Nectar collection looked similar to any in the Peachy Keen collection. No, there are no similar shades. All of them differ in color and finish so you are sure to be getting something fresh.

Sauvage - Duochrome Pink With Hot Pink Glitter
I did get one of the pressed eyeshadows and it is in this beautiful duochrome pink shade. I'm not sure if it's the color or my skin tone but there isn't much contrast between the color and my skin so it looks pretty light. The duochrome effect is really nice and the two colors work together so well. I'm thinking of using it as a blush/highlight instead.

Drop Of A Hat - Pearlized Peach With Gold Duochrome
This one reminds me a lot of Bardot even though I do not own Bardot. It seems to be in the same color family (or maybe the same color) except with a gold flip to it, which is absolutely gorgeous. You can wear your blush all over your cheekbones for added contour and still have that golden sheen that looks like a highlight. On my cheeks, it looks quite pink instead of this reddish peach you see on my swatch.

The Knockout - Excuse My French (Matte Soft Peach) + Like To Watch (Pearlized Peach with Gold Duochrome)
The Knockout palette is ColourPop's first blush/highlighter pressed powder face duo palette aka first pressed powder blush ever. The blush looks really orangey on me but it's not hideous. The highlighter is really pigmented and although the base color is pretty light, the gold duochrome is strong!! I really enjoy the golden sheen. 
I know the Knockout palette and Topaz palette look really similar in pictures but they actually aren't. The Topaz palette has more brown undertones while the Knockout palette has more orange undertones. The Knockout palette is also more creamy and spreads easily as compared to the Topaz palette which feels rather dry and goes on slightly patchy. I had to go over Golden Moment twice to get an even swatch, whereas Excuse My French spreads nicely so you get this nice gradient of color. 

Faded - Rosy Coral
I fell in love with this color the moment I saw sneaks of it but I hate how it is in the new Creme formulas. I hate the new Creme formulas with a burning passion. They are far too soft and oily for Singapore's weather. After my bad experience with the new Cremes over on the Valentine's day collection, I was really hesitant. I should have gotten the lippie pencil instead so that I can get a matte finish. Anyway, I tried my best to use a light hand and apply some on my bottom lip first, pressed my lips to transfer the color on top and then touched up the corners and lines. It doesn't feel so thick and heavy this way and it definitely doesn't transfer onto your teeth anymore. Still, I'm not a fan because it's going to transfer onto everything else that your lips touch. The color is gorgeous though. 

Likely - Soft Peachy Nude (Ultra Satin Lip)
(My cheeks are two toned because I swatched both the blushes on my cheeks)
Check out ColourPop's description for this - There's a 100% chance you will love this soft peachy nude - with a 30% chance that you're already wearing it right now. I don't think you need me to say it but I will never wear this color ever again. Not even with a smoky eye look. It's the kind of color that makes my lips look big but invisible - if that makes sense. I mean I think it would only work on Asians that are going for the Japanese style look because they are all about big eyes and nude lips. I don't wear double eyelid tape and I don't wear falsies so, nope. 

Jacquard - True Coral (Ultra Satin Lip)
This is a really bright neon coral that pulls more orange on me. It's a tad streaky because it's a neon kind of shade. I think it's a cute summery color and I don't have anything quite like it in my collection because I don't collect oranges (The Beauty Crop's Peach Please is more pink). 

This color has like 2 stars on the CP website because of how different the color turned out to be. In the tube, it looks like a coral pink but it actually dries down much brighter and looks more like a mid toned blue based pink imo. I compared it with Solow in my swatches below but I think it's more similar to Donut because that is a super bright pink too. Donut is a darker pink than the Twirl but equally as bright. If you watched my video, you'd see that this color is very identical to the hot pink makeup sponges in the market. So if you need an idea of how this color looks like, then just refer to a hot pink beauty blender. 

Anyway, here are swatches of the new liquid lipstick colors compared against some of the old/existing shades. I threw in Bumble just to see how it looks like because I really don't have orange CP lippies. 
Screenshot and Airplane Mode are slightly darker than Likely but that will make a whole lot of difference in avoiding looking washed out. 

Overall, not my favorite collection. The only things I recommend are Drop Of A Hat and Faded, but those are my personal preferences. If you like nectarine, peachy, coral colors, then shop to your heart's content! 

ColourPop Highlighter Trios

Watch the video for face swatches and live arm swatching! I also showed how they look like under natural light and ring light.

ColourPop highlighters are one of my faves. I think it is a pretty darn good highlighter and all of them are packed full of glitter and shimmer so you can glow like the heavens if you wanted to. Seriously. They are $8 for 4.2g so that's $1.90/g which is decent. Their formulas for these are very unique and I haven't seen any other brand with a moussey creamy powder product quite like CP's. 

They recently launched highlighter trios with dessert themes to match fair, medium and dark skin tones. Each trio is $22 so that's $2 off, and you get two new colors plus one best-selling color in their current range. Out of the two new ones, one of them is a tie dye highlighter, which are pretty to look at but essentially perform the same way as a normal solid colored highlighter. The cool part about the tie dye highlighters are that no two highlighters are going to look exact and you can mix the tones of your highlight by choosing which pigments to use.

A handful of my highlighters arrived broken this time, which is super sad. I was looking forward to taking nice pictures of them but my dreams have been crushed this time. Since I already own Flexitarian, I didn't bother picking up the Waffle set. The packaging for the trios is the same as their normal highlighters, with the exception of the ombre sleeve. No big deal.

Waffle - recommended for fair skin tones
This trio should work for all fair skinned Asians. No such thing as a highlight that is too light!

Scrumptious - Pearlized silvery baby pink
I love all things pink so I'm naturally drawn towards pink makeup too and this pink highlight is so pretty look at. It's a very sheer pink so you probably won't be able to tell the difference when you blend it out on your cheeks. Still, you can wear it as a blush topper or to add a hint of color to your face. This one gives a very natural glow - not too shimmery and blinding.

Glazed - Pearlized soft ivory gold
This is more shimmery than Scrumptious and it looks like a light yellow rather than gold. You can darken it by adding more of the dark brown shade. On Asian skin, this color blends really well with our yellow undertones.

Flexitarian - Pearlized intense white champagne
Flexitarian is by far my favorite CP highlighter. It is my go-to highlight and I always get compliments and questions regarding my highlight whenever I use this. They say it's a pearlized finish but it seems more like a metallic to me. The shimmers in this are intense and blinding!!! You can go in with a light hand to get a softer look but if you go all in, you will definitely be glowing. Plus, the base color of this is just so pretty and flattering.

Cannoli - for medium skin tones
This trio looks beautiful on Asian skin tones as well. They are not too dark yet and quite flattering.

Frosted - Satin soft true gold
This is like a more pigmented version of Glazed. It has a more yellow-gold color to it so the base color will definitely show up more on fair skin. It has got that pearlized sheen to it so the glow looks natural.

Whipped - Tie dye warm silvery taupe
This is my favorite one in this trio. I gave mine a good swirl and I got this shimmery rose gold/pink color so I don't know what's up with the color description. This one is really glittery and there are flecks of purple and pink glitter up close so it is soooo pretty to look at. This one is pretty dark so I would wear it as a blush-contour-highlight 3-in-1 kind of color.

Wisp - Pearlized golden champgne with golden pearls
I forgot to take a flash photo of the swatch but this one is like a mix between Frosted and Whipped. It's a lighter pink than Whipped but it has a golden sheen to it. This is a really popular shade so you can't go wrong with it.

Shortcake - recommended for dark skin tones
This trio is really dark so I would recommend fair skin tones to wear them as bronzers/contour colors if you don't mind the shimmer. Just do you. If you have tanned skin, these would still look good on you!

Soft Serve - Satin true copper
The description of this is spot on. This is a dark bronze copper with intense pigmentation. A tiny bit of this is all you need to produce this swatch, so if you are a fair skinned gal, do go in with a light hand.

Iced - Tie dye rosy gold
This one is my fave of the trio because it's tie dye and pink! The hot pink in this really mixes with the brown to give this beautiful bronzey gold shade. It is more on the shimmery side like Whipped. Super pretty but kinda dark.

Candyman - Pearlized metallic rich gold
This is like a dark bronze gold and it's also super pigmented. It's not as yellow brown as Soft Serve but more of a peachy brown - kinda like if Soft Serve and Iced had a baby.

Here are more swatches of all the highlights in natural lighting, ring/flash light and room lighting.
Remember to watch my video if you would like to see how they look like when applied to the cheeks. Honestly, you wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference between most of the colors so I would recommend choosing one or two from each set.