Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Coachella/Festival Picks from Agaci Store

I haven't been posting much fashion related stuff on this blog for awhile. It's been a bunch of beauty hauls and reviews. If you didn't know, I run my own online store Megoosta Fashion so I've been quite busy with that. I still enjoy shopping around other sites because it's fun! 

So, in this post, I'll be highlighting some of my favorite pieces from Agaci Store and recommending some festival picks for spring and summer. It's honestly my favorite style and if you are looking around for your perfect festival outfit, then I hope this post helps you out! 

I've collaborated with Agaci a few times on Instagram and I really enjoy their stuff. They recently lowered their free shipping order amount to $50 so that should be much easier to hit. Also, they currently have a promo where you can get $10 off every $50 spent with the code VACAYREADY. Or, sign up for their email newsletter to get a 20% discount code emailed to you! 

If you are looking for comfy, then this shirt is so cute for that. It's in a pretty coral pink shade with a cute graphic on the left chest pocket. It's always a plus when you can tie your shirt up in a knot for added detail. This would look cute with some high waisted denim shorts too. 

A pair of distressed denim shorts are always an essential in festival fashion. This one is great because the pockets have some lace details also which totally adds to the festival vibes. High waisted, check. Rips, check!

Festivals are also a time to show off some skin so why not opt for a romper with a cute cutout back? This romper comes in two pretty pastel colors that is perfect for spring and I really like the fit and cut of this. The fit and flare style is really flattering and will look pretty in every picture.

Maxi dresses are the easiest outfits to put together for coachella and festivals. This crochet lace and floral combination have the two perfect prints and textures for festival looks. The back is pretty exposed too so you can add some flash tattoos or wear a fancy bralette to show off. 

If you prefer putting together your own maxi outfit, this skirt comes in taupe and white but I personally prefer this color. There are slits on the side so it looks more flowy and the cutout details really scream festival! 

A cute coverup is also an essential in all festival wardrobes! This one features a floral crochet design in a lightweight sheer cloth so it is super flowy and adds more details to your outfit. Pair it with a plain crop top and high waisted shorts!

You probably may not need a swimsuit, but just in case you do need one for your vacation, this one has just the right amount of detail and coverage. The back is totally exposed so you can show off that sexy back! 

Sandals are the perfect festival footwear. I really like these because of how much detail there is. Strappy, beaded and a tie up ankle - really looks boho and cute.

The holographic trend is coming back so if you're up to it, these heels are pretty cool. It has a pretty iridescent shift to it so you get a ton of mermaid vibes with this one. 

If you need a more comfortable option for all the walking you'll be doing, these sneakers are pretty rad. I love that it is metallic and in rose gold!!! Super flattering on all skin tones and great for showing those legs off. Definitely a must have for everyday wear as well.

These are probably not very practical but they are a huge statement piece and will definitely look cool in pictures. I need one too.

I love dangling earrings. They are so elegant and complimenting. I picked this one out because the design looked really bohemian but you can definitely find more on the website. 

Baseball caps have been in for awhile and they look to be sticking around for awhile more! This one has some lace texture to it so it will be really cute to go with your festival outfit, especially if you have some crochet or lace detail in your outfit already.

Chokers are everyone's faves. I love these two because they are so stackable and you can definitely layer other longer chain necklaces with them. I really adore the charm choker though and the fact that they have moons and stars - YASSS!

This is probably a bit too cutesy for festival fashion but I thought I would just add it in for fun because it is really adorable and it's a mirror keychain that you can attach to your bag or purse so that is really handy. It's fun and they have a few designs to choose from.