Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ColourPop x Alexis Ren

This blog post is late but I did upload my review and swatch video of the ColourPop x Alexis Ren collection on YouTube. I got the whole collection and there are two new products in this collab - the blotted lip and the pressed powder bronzer and highlighter.

I have no idea who Alexis Ren is but I'm always excited about ColourPop's products. This collaboration consists of the Topaz palette ($15), two Blotted Lips ($5 each), an Ultra Satin Lip ($6) and an Ultra Matte Lip ($6).

The packaging of this collection is in the theme of black and gold. The boxes have a matte black texture with glossy stripes and bronze text.

Topaz ($15) - Golden Moment (10g) + She's Here To Stay (7g)

The Topaz palette has a sleeve over the box and the box itself has a magnetic flap closure with a mirror inside. The pans itself are pretty wide so you can easily dip your brush in it. Both the bronzer and highlighter have a creamy and blend-able texture. 

Golden Moment is a matte warm bronze. It tends to pull orange on most skin tones but I think it looks best on tanned or medium skin. I think my yellow skin suits the bronzer well but if you are a fair skinned cool toned caucasian then you might think it too warm and orange for yourself. 

She's Here To Stay is a pearlized true gold highlighter and it is truly beautiful. This would look great on all skin tones. If you are looking for a true gold highlighter, then this is a good option. It gives a really nice sun-kissed look that complements many looks.

Blotted Lip ($5/1g)
The blotted lips are supposed to be a blotted down version of a lipstick. The color payoff tends to be a bit sheer but it's still there and they are quite comfortable and creamy on the lips. I found them hard to apply because they would not budge from the lipstick itself. It tugged on my lips and the applicator is kinda huge. 
Deja Vu is a pink nude and this is a really nice MLBB kind of color. It is great for natural looks and honestly, the best color of the lot.
Exotic is an orange red. It goes on really sheer to give your lips a tint of orange. It's kinda patchy but you can fix that if you keep layering it on but it's kinda hard with the applicator and the fact that it tugs. 
Lexi is a cool toned red. It kinda looks like your lipstick is wearing off because of the sheerness and patchiness, but I suppose you can work on it and it can look good. It's not bad, if you just want a sheer wash of color but it doesn't stain your lips so it might look weird when it wears away.

Ultra Satin Lip - Bare Necessities ($6/3.2g)
Bare Necessities is a peachy pink nude. It might have too much orange undertones so it doesn't really look good against Asian skin. With the right kind of eye makeup, you could get it to work or mix it in with a different color. The pigmentation and application of this was spot on. It dries down to a matte sheen but it does transfer. 

Ultra Matte Lip - Little Weapon ($6/3.2g)
Little Weapon is a true orange red but it kinda looks like a fiery red to me. Maybe there is a tinge of orange underneath but it looks really good with Asian skin. The colors complement my undertones but it is a very bright and bold red. The formula is of a thin and watery consistency and feels very lightweight on the lips when dried. Pigmentation and application was smooth. There was some slight transfer after it dried but it may go away with even longer wear. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Topaz palette, the Deja Vu blotted lip, Bare Necessities and Little Weapon. The products in this range have been pretty good and I can't wait to see ColourPop releasing more pressed powder products and blotted lips.