Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Liquid Lipstick

There has been a ton of hype around Wet N Wild's newest addition to the liquid lipstick trend. These are called the Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which is a really lengthy name for a lip product. There are a total of 13 shades and you can get them at your local drugstore or at the Wet n Wild site. I got mine directly from the site for $4.99 each, and you can get 10% off by signing up for their newsletter. You get free shipping within the US for orders above $35. I got 9 out of the 13 shades. I didn't pick out Nudie Patootie and Nudist Peach because I thought they might be too nude for my skintone and I definitely will not get Flame Of The Game because I don't wear oranges. I regret not picking up Oh My Dolly, which is a really pretty hot pink. I don't really wear hot pinks but I'd like to have it in my collection anyway. 

You get 6g/0.21oz of product in the tube and the applicator for these are pretty awesome. It comes in a doe foot shape but there is a dip in the center that collects and picks up product and hugs your lips when you apply the liquid lipstick. So, it spreads the product evenly on your lips and the tip is pointed enough to produce clean straight lines. The packaging of the tube is also pretty sturdy. It is made of thick plastic and the cap has a lock when you tighten and open it. 

Overall, I think the formulas for these are pretty darn good. They are definitely worth more than 5 bucks. They are so comfortable, lightweight and transfer proof. I do not find them drying at all. There is no scent to these and they are not tacky once dried. 

The textures of these are like a creamy lipstick. It's not like ColourPop's UML which are thin and watery and it is not like NYX's SMLC which are mousey. It is kind of a mix in between. 

ColourPop has been holding a number 1 spot for matte liquid lipsticks because of how cheap they are and how well they perform for me, but I think these Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuits might be bumping them down or in a tie with them. Wet N Wild is definitely not as drying as ColourPop's UML but their color range is also not as wide as ColourPop's. I definitely want Wet N Wild to expand their color range. Pigmentation falls short as compared to CP but comfort is definitely much higher than CP. 

Pigmentation: 4.5/5 (a couple of streaky shades)
Application: 5/5 (good wand, smooth and creamy)
Comfort: 5/5 (not drying)
Longevity: 4.5/5 (stays all day if you avoid oil)
Coral Corruption is a peachy orange shade that applied smoothly and evenly. It looks a tad streaky up close but it really isn't noticeable. 
Pink Really Hard is a mid toned pink or just a barbie pink in general. It's not too bright but may still prove bright for some.
Rebel Rose is a muted mauve rose pink and there is a reason why this one is such a popular shade. It kinda blends in with my lips to become a MLBB shade so it is a very natural color and totally beautiful.
Give Me Mocha is a terracotta brick red. It isn't exactly a mocha color but still very beautiful. It is slightly patchy but nothing major.
Berry Recognize is a berry rose pink which will suit a lot of skin tones. It is a tad patchy but it still looks great nonetheless.
Nice To Fuschia is a magenta pink and it applied very evenly. This would also look good on all skin tones.
Missy And Fierce is a blue based red. It is very pigmented and applies evenly. It is so lightweight and definitely an essential.
Goth Topic is a plummy brown. It is quite streaky but you can go over it with another layer to even it out. It has a purple undertone which is why it is so streaky. It feels stickier than the other shades while it is drying down but it will dry down to a  non-tacky finish.
Video Vixen is a deepened red and it is also a streaky one. This swatch has two layers on so you can tell that the second coat really makes a difference. I'm not sure if it will bleed because it kinda looks like it will. 

Below is my personal ranking for all the liquid lipsticks that I have tried so far. They are weighed against the price, some pros and cons. Those marked with * indicates that they are not necessarily transfer proof / satin liquid lipsticks (they will naturally be more comfortable). 

Personal Overall Ranking:
  1. Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit $4.99 - $0.83/g, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting | dark colors are patchy
  2. ColourPop Ultra Matte $6 - $1.875/g, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | some shades are drying
  3. *ColourPop Ultra Satin $6 - $1.875/g, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range
  4. *NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream $6 - $0.75/ml, comfortable, wide color range  | streaky
  5. *Julep It’s Whipped $20 - comfortable, pigmented | $4.87/ml
  6. Stila Stay All Day $24 - comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | $8/ml, flakes
  7. JCat Lipfinity $4.99 - $0.41/g, comfortable, wide color range, long lasting | slightly sheer, slightly tacky
  8. The Beauty Crop GrlPwr  $14.95 - comfortable, pigmented | $3.73/ml, limited shade range
  9. RealHer Matte $15 - long lasting | $3.33/ml, dark colors do not layer well, tacky
  10. *NYX Liquid Suede $7 - $1.75/ml, comfortable, unique colors | some streaky colors
  11. *Bellegant Liquid Matte $14.50 - comfortable, pigmented, unique colors | inconsistent formula, flakes, no weight or volume indication, not transfer proof despite claims
  12. Jordana Sweet Cream $4.99 - $1.66/g, pigmented, wide color range | drying
  13. NYX Lip Lingerie $7 - $1.75/ml, nudes for everyone | drying, limited colors, tacky
  14. *Palladio Velvet Matte $7 - $1.68/g, comfortable, pigmented | feathers and bleeds
  15. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss $6 - $1.20/g | sheer and streaky, very drying, tacky
Comfort Ranking (* = not transfer proof)
  1. Julep It’s Whipped*
  2. Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit
  3. ColourPop Ultra Satin*
  4. JCat Lipfinity
  5. Palladio Velvet Matte
  6. The Beauty Crop GrlPwr
  7. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream*
  8. NYX Liquid Suede*
  9. Bellegant Liquid Matte
  10. ColourPop Ultra Matte
  11. Stila Stay All Day
  12. RealHer Matte
  13. NYX Lip Lingerie
  14. Jordana Sweet Cream
  15. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss