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ColourPop Spring Phase 3: Sand

I'm a little late in getting the Sand collection because it's brown, it's neutral and it's nothing new. Every brand has some browns because that is a staple color for makeup just like how a red lipstick is a staple. I skipped out on the brown pressed powders because I have browns in my collection already so I don't think I need any extras at this time but if you are just starting out your makeup collection then CP does have a nice range of colors. Whatever your skin tone is, you really can't go wrong with browns so just add all of them to your cart LOL.  Double Play (Getting Handsy + Padded Down) Getting Handsy is a matte warm nude blush while Padded Down is a pearlized warm champagne highlighter. The blush looks off-putting at first but once you put it on your cheeks, you'll realize that it works very well in warming up your face and giving you a very natural flush of color without being too overbearing. I'm wearing this blush and h

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipstick

I've already reviewed these liquid lipsticks on YouTube but I like to do a readable version as well. There are 18 shades in this collection, even though the numbers run from 1 to 26 so I'm missing 8 shades (13-20). Those shades seem to be from an exclusive collection because they are not on sale on the Jordana website and they are more of primary bold colors like black, white, yellow, orange, blue and red. Regardless, I have the other 18 that you can find on their website and in the drugstore.  These are $4.99 each on the Jordana website and you get 3g of product in the tube, which seems little but that is about the same size as a ColourPop liquid lipstick (3.2g) and a Stila Liquid Lipstick (3ml). So, that means you are paying $1.66 per gram - very cheap and affordable. These are made in the USA with US and non-US components. The expiration date is marked by a 12-month from opening symbol. The liquid lipsticks are packaged in a short acrylic tube with a black

ColourPop Spring Phase 2: Pink

ColourPop's spring phase 2 is pink! You know pink is my favorite color and I love all things pink. This collection also seems like an extension of the Valentine's day collection because of all the pink stuff but the colors are more true to pink and brighter in this collection. There are 7 new pressed eyeshadows in this collection but I did not get them because I feel like I can spend that money at a better place, but the shades are pretty unique and some of them look nice. The transition shades like Labyrinth is the perfect dusty rose shade so I might pick one or two up. I mean, if you want more mattes in a wider variety, go ahead and get some.   Done Deal - Above & Beyond + Made Me Do It The blush/highlighter duo is very much more pink this time around. Above & Beyond is a matte warm pink blush while Made Me Do It is a pearlized champagne pink highlighter. They apply smoothly like The Knockout palette but I had to layer the blush a bit for the s