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ColourPop Blotted & Ultra Blotted Lips

Popsicle lips - you either love 'em or hate 'em. I'm on the "hate it" spectrum and I can never understand why anyone would want a popsicle lip. It looks very annoying imo because it's so incomplete and shoddy. I know it's a big thing in korean beauty and a lot of korean dramas use the popsicle lips on their actors and actresses. It's supposed to give them an innocent look or draw attention to the eyes but it just looks like their lips are dry and chapped. I'll paint a better picture - it's as if their lips were so blistered that it started peeling from the inside so it looks sore and red now. Hence my annoyance.

ColourPop is all about being in trend for the makeup game so naturally, they would hop onto it. The blotted lips made their premiere in the Alexis Ren collaboration and if you've read my review on them, you'd know that I didn't really like it very much. The formulas were too hard and dry so it kept tugging on my lips as I applied it but hardly any color came off and the result was a blotchy patchy lip. The only shade that I really enjoy is Deja Vu because it's a MLBB lip color and perfect for natural looks or no makeup makeup looks - easy to pull off on the daily. Exotic and Lexi are pretty bright so it's very obvious if you don't apply it evenly. 

In their latest release, they launched 8 new Blotted Lips and 8 Ultra Blotted Lips. The colors look very very similar to each other and almost all the colors in the blotted lip range have a matching counterpart in the ultra blotted lip range. So, you do not need all of them. Just find your favorite formula and grab a few colors. The Blotted Lips are $5 for 1g of product (which is very pricey in terms of $/g) and the Ultra Blotted Lips are $6 for 3g of product.
The packaging is slightly different from their normal range of products. The boxes are all white with their "ColourPop" name printed all over in a glossy text. They stopped doing the hologrpahic print on their boxes and tubes which is a pity because that was really nice and different from other brands. It's a basic reflective silver now. The texts are in lower case which is different from their other products. The Blotted Lips have the same packaging as the ones in the Alexis Ren collection - a rounded bullet, while the Ultra Blotted Lips are in the same kind of tubes with the same applicators as the other Ultra Lip stuffs.
Now onto the formula. I think there is a slight improvement on these. I would only recommend the nude-ish shades and neutral toned shades for both formulas. Stay away from the bright colors or the dark ones because those are problematic. Overall, the sheerness of the color gives them a diffused look so it's not too overpowering. If you need more help picturing how it would look like on you then just imagine if you have an opaque lip color on and then you had a meal. How the lip color looks like after a meal is the same as how the blotted lips appear. It's literally a blotted down version of a lipstick.

Blotted Lips: The nude & neutral shades are creamy and easy to apply. They melt onto my lips and feel moisturizing. Patchiness is not obvious. The bright & dark shades are like the Alexis Ren ones - hard to apply because hardly any color comes off. The color clings onto the dry areas of my skin and highlights them. It's hard to get an even coverage with these colors and patchiness is very obvious. All of them feel moisturizing and will have a tiny bit of transfer.

Ultra Blotted Lips: These are medium coverage liquid lipsticks. The nude & neutral shades blend in with my natural lip color quite well so any patchiness is not obvious. The bright and dark shades are low-key streaky liquid lipsticks. They are very patchy and it's quite impossible to fix them. Reapplication throughout the day will only accentuate the streakiness so I would advise you to remove everything and apply a fresh coat. All of these dry down to a transfer proof powdery matte. Rubbing your lips will cause it to flake off. It's not drying for the most part but after 5-6 hours, it will start to feel drying and cling onto any dry ares of your lips. Best removed with an oil based remover.

Drip (Warm Rosey Mauve)
 A nice everyday lip color and an MLBB for some skin tones. This color was easy to apply and felt creamy. I would recommend this shade.

Ice Cube (Cool-toned Berry)
 Because it's a more diffused color, it appears more as a pink than berry but the purple undertones are still apparent. It's very pretty and it's not too bright so it will suit every skin tone. This was slightly harder to apply than Drip but patchiness is not very obvious. I would recommend this shade. 

Bee's Knees (Fuschia)
 This looks more like a bright blue based red on me. It was hard to get an even coverage with this one because the color did not come off easily. It clinged onto the dry areas of my lips (mainly where the color appears darker is where the dry areas are). It's very patchy and bright so I would not recommend this shade. However, if you like the korean popsicle lip look, then this is a color you might want to pick up for that cherry popsicle lip. This shade will stain your lips.

On A Stick (Bright Coral)
 This is like a bright orange red imo and it highlighted my dry areas too. Application was not easy and I would not recommend this shade.

Lolly (Deep Plum)
 Application was creamy but very very streaky and patchy. It highlighted my dry areas and simply refused to give me an even application. I had to rub my lips with my finger to really blend and spread the color evenly but it's still very patchy. It looks like my lipstick has worn away in patches or as if I just had a drink of blood and it's just not flattering at all. I would not recommend this shade.

Doozy (Warm Rose)
 What's up with ColourPop's shade descriptions? This looks more like a coral. Application seems to be pretty smooth and because the color blends with my natural lip color, it's hard to notice any mistakes. I would recommend this shade.

Zuma (Warm Rosey Mauve)
 Another great MLBB shade that everyone should have for those light makeup days. No issues with application. I would recommend this shade.

Slide (Dusty Pink)
 This is a pretty pink for everyday looks as well. It gives your lips a nice flush of color without looking too out of place. Any streakiness is not noticeable and I would recommend this shade.

Bit-O Sunny (Fuschia)
Again, this is more of a blue-based red than fuschia. No one appreciates a messy looking red lip so please do not get this. Patchiness will be very obvious. 

Split (Berry)
If you've ever had issues with your matte liquid lipsticks going on streaky, then I don't think you would appreciate this color and the one below. These are low-key streaky liquid lipsticks and I'm pretty darn sure that you can get the same effect with one of your liquid lipsticks that apply streaky like this. What's the point? It's not flattering.

Cherry On Top (Deep Plum)
This shade is very obviously streaky and it applies much sheerer than it looks in the tube. Layering will just make look worse so don't even bother. 

Overall, I feel like I might have wasted my money on this range of products because half of them are soooo bad. I would never wear them because a blotchy lip is not cute. I'm fine with the shades that blend well with my natural lip color because they look like lip tints and it's not obvious if any patchiness occurs but the dark ones? Nope. Just nope. Hopefully, you would have benefited more from my swatches though.


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