Friday, May 19, 2017

Daisy VoxBox

I got my first VoxBox from Influenster about a week ago. Influenster is a review platform where you can rate and review almost anything - from beauty to cars to hotels. VoxBox is what their beauty box is called but unlike it being a subscription, they handpick people every month to receive these boxes. It's free of charge and in return, you review the products on Influenster and your social medias so that you continue staying eligible for the boxes.

I got the Daisy VoxBox and it's my first box so I'm excited about that. However, I'm personally not so excited about the things in the box. This is the card that was included in the box that shows what is inside. Unfortunately, my greek yoghurt is missing but I'm not missing that because I do not like yoghurt.
There are a bunch of tasks to complete and badges to unlock on the app so that is quite fun to do.
The item that I've been enjoying the most in the box is this Nature's Bounty Probiotic Gummies. I'm thinking it's like Yakult but in gummy form because it's good bacteria for the digestive system. I love gummy vitamins so this is a nice sweet treat.
This is a detoxifying charcoal paper mask from Yes To Tomatoes and it's like a normal sheet mask but feels thicker (even though "paper" might sound like it would be thinner). It's a completely black mask with a nice fragrance and there are eye flaps that you can use to cover your eyelids but I found that the mask stung my eyes so I kept them down. Overall, the mask stung a bit at first but I got used to it and I wasn't bothered much about it. The instructions did mention that it might sting so if it's too painful for you, then remove it. I'm not sure why it stings but the ingredients contain a ton of fruit extracts so that sounds really really good. I can't tell what effects it gave after a single use but I only received one mask to try. Oh well.

Then we have some popcorn from Skinny Pop and these claim to be guilt free! They only contain 27 calories so I guess you really can binge on these while watching a movie. Just pop them in the microwave and wait for it to pop! These are sea salt flavored and it seems to have some movie trivias around the box. Can't wait to try them!
Unfortunately, my period is over so I won't have a chance to try out this pad until next month. My flow isn't super heavy though, but I do appreciate thin pads as they feel more comfortable.
Lastly, an item that I wish I could try but can't, is this Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. Most shampoos cause my hair to shed so I'm thinking my scalp is sensitive to some particular ingredients. I'm not sure what ingredient it is but I don't want to risk it. I'll use the conditioner though, since that is applied on my hair ends instead so it won't affect my scalp or roots.

I really want to get a beauty filled box with makeup or skincare because that is what I'm really into. So, I'm hoping my next one will be better!