Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Fitness Routine - BodyBoss Fitness Guide Review

I often get questions asking how I stay slim and what exercises to do but truth be told, I am naturally skinny and I just can't put on weight. I'm guessing this is because of good genes and a high metabolic rate. I don't starve myself or anything. I eat proper meals and I don't go on special diet plans. However, that does not mean I don't get skinny fat, which is equally unhealthy. After college, I slacked off and totally did not exercise or work out so I could really feel my muscles turn to fats. Even though I looked the same, I did not feel the same and I missed having my body look more toned and in shape. I don't like working out or running outside because of the weather so I have been on the hunt for a good home workout guide. Moreover, running is not very effective for burning fats and building muscles.

So, it's a good thing that BodyBoss came into my life because it has introduced me to a whole new way of exercising that I can do anywhere I like! No tricky equipment involved, no gym memberships, no subscription fees - just me and my exercise mat.
BodyBoss is a 12 week ultimate fitness program with step-by-step pictorial instructions to fun and challenging high intensity workouts. This is a highly structured program that makes use of your body weight to help sculpt and tone your body. Each workout circuit is never more than 24 minutes long for 3 days a week so it really doesn't take up much time.

The exercise routines are HIIT (high intensity interval training) style so it is super effective - short time, big results. Plus, the structure of the routines are designed such that you unlock the #BossEffect which is the afterburn effect or excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means that the body continues to burn calories for hours, even when you are asleep, just by completing a BodyBoss workout.

Even if you feel like you're not fit enough yet or if you need to start slow, there is a bonus 4 week pre-training program to warm you up and prep your body for the next 12 weeks. This section is completely free and comes as a part of your training program when you make your purchase.

Here are some of the exercises that you can expect from the program:

Butterfly Kicks
 Double Leg Lifts
 Plank Leg Lifts
The workouts will require some extra equipment such as weights and a bench as you progress towards weeks 9-12. You can always substitute these items for water bottles/canned food and a chair if you do not have the required items. And that is why I love BodyBoss - you do not need to purchase expensive equipment because you can easily find replacements and you can do these workouts anywhere.

I'm currently on week 4 of my workout and I can already feel myself getting stronger. I love it when I feel the ache the next day because that means that I am pushing myself and working towards my goal every day. My friends have even told me that they can see a difference in my body - more shaped and toned.

BodyBoss ships worldwide and you can get an online version of the guide book if you decide to view it directly from your computer or mobile devices instead. If you'd like to get a copy, click here to be redirected to their site!