Wednesday, June 14, 2017

iluvsarahii x ColourPop Collection (Swatches and Review)

ColourPop's latest collab is with YouTuber iluvsarahii and I think she is rather popular especially among the latinos. I personally have never followed her or heard of her until now but I do enjoy the colors that she created with ColourPop so I went ahead and picked up a few pieces from the collection. I'm just missing the lip pencils and the ultra glossy lip, which I found looked quite pale and might clash with my skin tone. 

The collection was available as a bundle at $60 or with a special box like how all the PR packages are packaged in at $69 or individually at the usual pricing. The theme of the packaging is a pale baby pink background with golden foiled crocodile skin prints with the collab name in the center. The collab name itself is in a bold font that stands out from the patterns going on. 

$aucey Pressed Powder Palette ($18)
This is the Saucey palette with 2 matte shades and 2 metallic shades. As you can tell, ColourPop has changed the look of their palettes to this sleek monochromatic palette with a super matte front. It has some glossy "ColourPop" labels all across the background but it's quite invisible and hard to capture on camera. There isn't a window to show what shadows are inside but there is a sticker on the back of the palette to indicate the shade names. It's quite shoddily done because there are a lot of air bubbles trapped in mine.
Heavy Glam is a vibrant duochrome orange with a pink flip and a metallic finish. It's not quite pigmented but you can layer it up. You will need a denser packing brush for it to apply better with a brush. 

Chic Happens is a matte cool mauve. This is a very pigmented and smooth shade that applied evenly and applies well with a brush too.

Lit is a vibrant metallic purple. This is a very pigmented metallic shade that surprisingly swatches well with a brush too. 

Razy is a matte blackened plum. This shade felt a bit more dry and powdery so it applied a bit patchy but if you work a little more on it, you can even it out.
I know Pinky Promise and Lit look very similar on their website so I did a little comparison swatch. Pinky Promise looks a lot more pinkish red while Lit looks like a berry pink. You can see the differences in pan and on the swatch but you might not need both.

Chic-y Pressed Powder Palette ($18)
This palette comes in the same packaging but the labels on the top and bottom of the sleeve are different. There are 3 mattes and 1 metallic shade in this palette and it looks more like your typical brown eyes palette.
Distressed is a matte vanilla. For a pale bone shade like this, this is actually very pigmented and smooth to apply. It definitely sheers out a lot more with a brush.

Vivacious is a really foiled metallic pink champagne. This is packed full of glitter and has a very nice foiled effect that can be intensified with a damp brush. It doesn't pick up well with a dry brush but a dense packing brush will apply it better too.

Freckles is a matte warm mocha. This applied evenly and smoothly and is fairly pigmented.

Noche is a matte black brown. It's very pigmented but it also feels dry and powdery so it tends to go on patchy. The good thing is that it can be blended out.
I did an eye look with most of the shades from both palettes. I prefer the Chic-y palette because those colors suit my monolid eye shape better. The colors are not too intense and they do not overpower my eyes or make them look smaller. By applying them in a gradient from light to dark, it really complements my eyes and gives them a nice neutral smokey look. 

I started off with Distressed as a base and you can pack it on your brow bone as a highlight too but I forgot. Next, I took Freckles in the "crease" area as a transition shade. Then, I took Noche on my outer corner to darken it and then I used my fingers to pack on Vivacious on the inner half of my lid to add some sparkle and dimension to my eyes. Blend both Vivacious and Noche to ensure that the colors transit seamlessly. Then, I smudged Lit on the lower lash line and used Heavy Glam as my inner corner highlight. I realize now that my inner corner highlight isn't as strong but I promise I did put it on. 

There are 3 new lip colors with this collection but as I mentioned earlier, I did not get the lip gloss so these are the ultra satin and ultra matte lip colors.
 951 Ultra Satin Lip ($6)
This is described as a mid toned warm nude on the website. On me, it looks like a pink nude which is really pretty. I like it a lot. Compared to Strip and Strut from the phase 3 sand collection, which were also pinkish nudes, this is a lot darker. The formula is very pigmented and comfortable as per normal.

Mamacita Ultra Matte Lip ($6)
This is described as a deepened burgundy and it definitely appears with more red tones and a lot darker once dried than in the tube. It is also slightly patchy and this shade's formula is more on the drying side so I wouldn't recommend applying a second layer. Notion is lighter in color and has some purple tones, LAX is equally dark but it is more on the brown side. Rooch is a similar shade of red but it is lighter in color. 

Overall, I love the colors here because they are suitable for everyday wear. I can't wait to wear them out more often.