Saturday, June 3, 2017

Super Reflective Colored Sunglasses: Hello Mojo

Summer is around the corner and what better accessory to prep you for those sunny days and palm trees then reflective sunglasses with a colored tint! These are so fun to photograph and take selfies with. Bring them on your next road trip or to the beach to stand out of the crowd and keep you looking cool.
These rad pair that I have are from Hello Mojo and they are based in Canada but they have free shipping both to US and Canada. I got the Show Stopper model in the color Bleu. You can use my code MEGOOSTA to get 20% off your order.
Each pair comes with a carrying case and cleaning cloth. Round sunglasses have so much rock and roll vibes to them and these have a twist with the gold frame so it gives it a delicate touch too.
Overall, I find them sturdy to wear and they have some weight to it so it's not flimsy at all. The glasses are evenly balanced and do not feel lopsided. As you can tell, the tint looks really really nice and vibrant when photographed outside. I'm not even using filters for my closeup shots.

What do you think?