Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teal Makeup for Monolids + Outfits!

Summer's here and bright and bold colors are in! However, there aren't a lot of tutorials or looks for monolids/single eyelids/asian eyes that use these bright and fun colors. So, in this post, I have taken it upon myself to create and show you 3 looks featuring a pop of teal! I love turquoises and teals and it is coming back in trend this summer so what better way to celebrate summer than with some teal!

Do watch my video to see all the products in action. I created some outfit ideas to go along with the looks so that you aren't left stranded with what to wear. However, my eyes are tiny so the makeup doesn't show up much on camera when zoomed out LOL. But I swear it is there and it doesn't look that way in real life. 

You can definitely use these methods with all sorts of colors so don't limit yourself! 

The first look features a neutral smokey look with a teal undereye.
These are the eyeshadows that I used for this look. You do not need the exact palette or eyeshadows. Just find something similar in your collection. For the neutral brown eye, I used the Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette.
1 - Set your eyes with a pale vanilla/bone shade and highlight your brow bone with it.
2 - Warm up the "crease" or transition area, which is the part just above your eyeballs to create some depth and fake a "deep set" look.
3 - Darken the outer corners of your eyes with a dark brown shade for that smokey look.
4 - Use a metallic foiled gold on the inner half of your lid just to add dimension and sparkle to the look.
5 - I keep this for last but basically, this is a silvery white shade that I used to highlight my inner corners.
For the pop of teal on my lower lash line, I used one of ColourPop's newly released eyeshadow for the summer called Tiny Tangerines. It's described as a satin teal but it has quite a lot of shimmer for a satin finish.
 I finished the look with some black gel liner and mascara. 
For lips, I'm using Istanbul from NYX's soft matte lip cream range. It is a blue-based pink and balances this look very well. I think other nude/natural looking shades would go well with this look to really bring out the eyes. 
For my outfit, I'm wearing a cream colored floral dress so the entire look is actually very neutral, with a pop of color on my eyes. It is a very safe choice to go with but you can also wear something brown, pink, white or black.

My second look has more teal involved. It is a smokey teal eye look.
 Again, using the Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette for the neutral brown parts, I set my eyes with the pale shade and then went in on the transition and outer corner with a medium and dark brown to add the smokiness. For the teal color, I used Banana Daiquiri from ColourPop, which is their newly released Super Shock Shadow for summer. It's a turquoise teal with a gold duochrome flip. It doesn't seem as pigmented in the picture but I thought it was quite pigmented in person. 
 For the lower lash line, you can leave it bare or smudge some brown on it. I took some teal on the inner half of my lower lash line too. 
 For lips, I'm wearing a nude pink from J.Cat Beauty's Lipfinity range in the shade Champagne Buzz. Any nude color will fit this look but if you are looking for a bolder look, try a maroon shade or even a teal/turquoise color. 
 I wanted to make this a monochromatic look so I paired it with this turquoise minty floral dress. My dress still has more blue tones in it as compared to my makeup but you get an idea of how it works together.
My final look features this bright teal liner. 
 For this look, I used the Iluvsarahii x ColourPop Chic-y palette. 
I started by placing Freckles, which is the lighter brown shade, on my transition/crease area to warm up my eyes. Then, I used Noche, which is the dark brown, on my outer corner to darken it and create dimension. Finally, take Distressed which is the bone shade in the palette and pat it on the inner half of the eyelids as well as on the brow bone. The bone shade in this palette is really pigmented so I think it's great for this look as you can really see the difference it makes to my eyes against my skintone. You can see the areas that have been highlighted with this shade.
For the teal liner, I'm using one of JD Glow's glitter tubes in the color Dreams. It is a holographic aquamarine glitter eyeliner that dries semi-waterproof and smudge proof. The formula for the liner is a little thick and does not layer well. You will need to wait for the bottom layer to completely dry before putting another on or it may be lifted. I placed my liner directly above my black liner. You can totally just do a teal liner without the black but I think the black helps to darken the eyes and make it look bigger especially for Asian eyes.
 My inner corner highlight is actually a couple of iridescent highlighters from Dirty Glam Cosmetics from Etsy. I combined Peacock and Aquadisiac which is a green and blue respectively. You can probably see the hints of color if you look closely. I also took the dark brown (Noche) and smudged it on my lower lash line to complete the look.
 For lips, I was looking for a teal with more blue like my liner but I didn't have any suitable candidates at the time so I settled for Ivy by Klarity Kosmetics although I probably could have used Sagittarius. Now that my collection is bigger, I would recommend Mars by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics or Backlash by Makeup Monsters. Klarity Kosmetics has a very thin and liquidy formula but their liquid lipsticks are one swipe pigmentation with no streakiness. It dries down to a touch-proof matte finish but it is not completely smudge proof. It is very comfortable to wear for long hours though and it doesn't settle into lip lines. I am obsessed with this color. Sagittarius would have matched the color of my liner better but it completely slipped my mind.
 Since there's a lot going on the face, I decided to keep my outfit basic by wearing dark colors. I wore a blouse with some lace up detailing so it's not too dressed up or dressed down, skinny jeans and black heeled booties to keep it looking classy.

I hope you like the looks that I came up with and I hope it inspires you. There is no right or wrong to makeup and I have found that it is a lot about experimenting to find what suits you best.