Friday, September 29, 2017

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Swatches on Asian Skin

I had to do an ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick post after that massive Ultra Matte Lip post. There are a total of 26 shades here but I actually own Screenshot as well, but I totally forgot about it when filming so it won't be included until I photograph it separately. I'm also missing out on Exaggerated and Virginia (which I just got in the mail). The other shades on the website have been covered in other posts/videos. You can simply search the shade name in the search bar on the side to find the post or visit these links for the videos.
ColourPop's Ultra Satin Lips are one of the best items that they have created. I have never heard of anyone not liking this formula because they are simply so pigmented and comfortable to wear. They aren't transfer proof but they do not transfer a lot, which is great! It's not high maintenance at all unlike a matte lip because you can press your lips together to spread the pigment after a meal. Most of these shades have a soft satin sheen that can be blotted away or mattified by pressing your lips together. They do not settle in your lip lines and accentuate them unlike the ultra matte lips. The colors stay very true to the tube as well. These do not feel sticky (except Panda) or heavy and there is no slip to them. For $6 and 3.2g of product, this is a total steal and it'd be a shame if they weren't a part of your collection.

None of these shades are streaky at all (well, some are minimally streaky but it's really no big deal) and all of the shades are so pretty and flattering. These are not drying at all and they are honestly one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there. 

Magic Wand (Light Nude)
This is a light peachy nude and the lightest of the peachy-rosey tones in the range. It actually complements my skin tone really well and doesn't wash me out at all. I think this is my perfect nude in the USL range.

Echo Park (Warm Peachy Nude)
This is a pinky peach nude that will go with all skin tones, unless you're really cool toned.

November (Warm Peachy Pink)
This shade was created in collaboration with Kathleen Lights. It's quite a bright pink but not hot pink. It's more of a fun summery shade and I don't typically steer towards bright lip colors but this isn't blindingly bright. It's still very wearable and would suit a lot of skin tones.

Calypso (Mid-Toned Pink)
Take it tone down with Calypso. A universally flattering rosy pink that can be an MLBB shade on some.

Frick N Frack (Rosy Terracota)
This is definitely a shade that everyone needs. It's a nice mix of red and pink so it's universally flattering as well and it's just gorgeous for any season or occasion.

Baracuda (Warm Deepened Rose)
This is another pretty shade. It's a dark rosy pink and I can't imagine anyone looking bad in it.

Prim (Deep Blackened Red)
What would a shade range be without a dark red/maroon. This is a true deep red with no hints of purple. It's surprisingly very pigmented and not streaky or patchy at all.

Littlestitious (Dusty Pinky Purple)
Moving on to the pink and mauves, this is the lightest shade of the bunch. I don't think it looks quite as great on me.
Alyssa (Muted Pink)
This is another shade done with Kathleen Lights. It's definitely more toned down as compared to November and more pink. This is much more wearable imo.

Dopey (Mauve w/ Purple Undertones)
This is a mauve with strong purple tones. If you don't want to do a full on purple lip, this is a good option.

Molly (Dusty Lilac)
This is a bright purple in the tube but it's slightly sheerer on. As compared to the other USLs, this doesn't seem to dry down much too so the sheen is quite strong.

Panda (Deep Violet)
Panda is a very flattering dark purple but it is a tad patchy. You can fix it by layering it a bit but this formula is also a bit tricky to work with. It doesn't dry down like the other USLs so it remains feeling sticky and the sheen is quite glossy too. It transfers more than the other shades.

Hutch (Deep Blackened Violet)
This is a really pigmented and non-streaky wine shade. The patchiness near my waterline is forgivable because that's my inner lip. Otherwise, it looks great. 

Cozy (True Orange)
This is a really bright orange. It's slightly streaky but not extremely noticeable. It's almost neon so it's quite hard to get the formula right.

Brooklyn (Hot Pink)
This is also a borderline neon shade so it is slightly streaky and sheer. It's more of a hot coral pink than the typical mid-toned hot pink.

The Rabbit (Bright Fuschia w/ Subtle Blue Sheen)
This is a really unique shade in the range because it has this beautiful blue sheen to it. I wish ColourPop came up with more shades like this because that is the current trend, ain't it? This went on very pigmented and not streaky at all so the shimmers didn't affect the formula at all.

Lyin' King (Deep Raspberry)
This is definitely more toned down than The Rabbit. It's a cute raspberry red with some pink in it and very very wearable. Not too bright at all.

London Fog (Pinky Red)
Every range needs a classic red and this is the blue-red of the range. It's described as a pinky red but it seems very neutral and classic to me. 

Lost (Warm Red Brown)
This is the more toned down version of the classic red lip with a hint of brick red to it. Very nice as well.

Marshmallow (Grey Lavender)
The USL line has more fun colors and this is one of them. This is a really washed out pastel lilac that I can probably pull of with the right eye makeup. It would look best on really pale skin or really dark skin. It's fun to wear though.
Femme (Muted Dirty Lilac)
This is a straight up dusty lilac and I think it looks great for a purple shade. Very flattering and not too in-your-face. It's still out of the ordinary but quite wearable.

Petit Four (Blue Grey)
This shade looks different on everyone. It pulls blue toned on some and grey toned on others. As you can see, it's quite blue toned on me. It's a bit sheer towards my waterline too. It's still a really cool shade to own.

Point Zero (Cool Toned Grey Brown)
This is a really nice brown nude for all skin tones. The grey tones do make it look a little washed out but it's really not too bad at all.
Mess Around (Mid-Toned Greige)
For a deeper brown-toned nude, this is perfect. This is like a rosy brown which is really pretty and exceptionally gorgeous on deeper skin tones.

Toolips (Deep Dark Plum)
I really like this shade as well. It's a dark plummy brown, which is perfect for those venturing out to brown lips.

Tansy (Mid-Toned Yellow Brown)
I think this is also from a Kathleen Lights collaboration. This is a really warm brown shade with hints of orange and yellow. It's quite a fall shade. It took me a long time to grab this shade because I don't typically wear yellow toned shades but I must say, I don't look too bad and this color really gets me in the mood for fall.

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