Monday, September 4, 2017

Ciate Glitter Flip Transforming Liquid Lipstick Swatches & Review

Ciate just launched the world's first glitter transforming liquid lipsticks in the form of their Glitter Flips. These go on with a metallic finish and then transform into a sparkly glittery finish with the press of your lips! There are 7 shades at the moment, retailing at $19 with 3ml/0.1oz per tube. I picked up 3 shades to test out and I am in love with them! 

The packaging is really cute. I like how the boxes are color coded to match the shades and the fonts are so cute too. The lid has their classic ribbon printed on it. If you look closely, there is sort of a 'glitter' texture to the box as well.
So, the instructions are to apply it, wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry and then press your lips together to activate and bring out the glitter. Tapping it with your finger will also help to intensify the look. Even at its metallic state, you can kind of see the glitters peeking through and it is already very shimmery.
The tubes are immensely pretty as well. I am obsessed with the starry design and that sparkly glitter cap!
It has a doe foot applicator with a dip in the center. I don't really like this applicator because it is kind of fluffy and makes lining your lips extremely difficult. Also, the applicator always picks up way too much product and I hate wiping off the excess on my tube because I don't like to see it get messy. (I'm a clean freak)

Fortune (Dark purple with purple, pink, blue, silver glitter)
 Top shows the metallic finish and bottom shows the glitter finish after pressing lips together.
I wore this as my testing shade for this review. It's the most wearable of the three that I got. This went on really pigmented and opaque. No transfer of color when I pressed my lips together.

Iconic (Black with duochrome blue & purple, green and silver glitter)
Top shows the metallic finish and bottom shows the glitter finish after pressing lips together.
This shade has duochrome glitter but I couldn't really capture it on camera. Direct light reflects blue but at an angle, it looks purple. You can sort of see it from the tube in my picture right at the top of this post. Some of the base color did get removed when I pressed my lips together but you can easily fix that with another layer. This is a totally galactic shade!

 Siren (Teal with teal, purple, green, yellow glitter)
Top shows the metallic finish and bottom shows the glitter finish after pressing lips together.
This is such a fun mermaid shade and I love this shade of teal. It leans more blue and even though there are purple glitters in it, they don't really show up. This one transferred a lot when I pressed my lips together but I fixed it with another layer below. I think that this shade looks best with more than one coat anyway.

Considering that I picked up the darker and more fun colored shades, these are pretty pigmented. I only needed one layer to achieve full coverage. Iconic and Siren did lose a bit of base color after pressing my lips together but layering it to fix the spots works with no issue.

I did not find these to be drying after 7 hours of wear. I did not feel the need to lick my lips or drink more water than usual. The texture does feel dry but it didn't affect the way my lips felt. It doesn't have a gritty texture as well and it isn't tacky but it doesn't allow you to slide your lips around. For a glitter lip, I think these are pretty comfortable. If you've tried doing your own glitter lip, you'd know how drying that can feel.

These are not fully transfer proof but they are quite resistant. My kiss test only showed that the outlines of my lips transferred. Fortune and Iconic did transfer when I touched my lips with my finger but Siren did not. It will come off after a meal and I could wipe it off easily with micellar gel. Reapplication works like a charm and does not affect the way it looks or feels on the lips. I only had a couple of drinks from a straw after my reapplication and the lipstick lasted all night with no fading. I did not experience any glitter fall out after my meal or after a day's worth of wear. I had worn Fortune and did notice some feathering by the end of the day. Nothing too obvious but something you might want to keep in mind.

Pigmentation: 5/5 
Application: 2/5 (hate the fluffy applicator)
Comfort: 4/5
Longevity: 4.5/5