Monday, October 30, 2017

New ColourPop Fall 2017 Ultra Satin Lips

In case you missed it, ColourPop released 2 new ultra satin liquid lip bundles for fall as well as 2 super shock shadow quads. I have lip swatched the liquid lipsticks, of course. My package took an awfully long time to reach me because it went to Canada first and it just hung around there for a good week. 

Anyway, these shades are beautiful and so wearable. I'm glad that there aren't any super pale shades that could potentially be a "concealer" lipstick. At the same time, I wish that ColourPop did more unusual shades like a grey toned purple or a dark blue. It's been awhile since Dr M, Marshmallow and Petit Four came out.

Hidden Agenda bundle:
Stud (Warm Brown Terracotta)
This might be my favorite shade of all the six. It's got a hint of red, brown and pink for this almost-brick-red shade. Definitely got lots of fall vibes with this shade.

Reign (Warm Caramel)
This seems to be a muted orange-brown. If you're not huge on orange-toned shades, this would be a perfect twist for you to ease into the oranges.

Mystic (Deepened Plum)
I love how this shade makes my lips look fuller and juicy. It might be the color or it might be the way I filled my lips in or it might be that shine. It's a teensy patchy but nothing that can't be fixed.

Truth Be Told bundle:
Cashing Out (Deep Burgundy)
This is a true dark red shade and it is a little patchy. You can definitely go over it with another layer and it won't affect the comfort of it. No hints of brown or purple in this one.
First Of All (Rich Raspberry)
This is a really rich and vibrant pink. I don't think it's anything new that CP has done. It's very similar to Lyin' King and unless you are fond of hot pinks, you do not need both.

Ambush (True Red)
This is a true vibrant red but I don't wear reds often enough to need this one. It's a lot richer and neutral than London Fog and a lot more cool-toned than Lost.

Overall, I prefer the Hidden Agenda bundle over the Truth Be Told bundle. The shades in the latter seem a little repetitive and similar to previously released shades. Like I said before, I wish ColourPop was a little more adventurous with their lip colors just like how they are with their eye colors.