Thursday, October 5, 2017

NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Swatches & Review

These have been out for a couple of months and I have been eyeing it ever since because metallic lips are my weakness and I am a fan of the original liquid suedes. I love the vibrant variety of shades in the original liquid suede range and they are so comfortable to wear. 

NYX has really good products for their price points. These are in a similar packaging as the original liquid suedes but the tubes have a metallic sheen. There are 4ml of product in it and it retails for $7.50 each. The actual tubing must be really small because the tubes are larger than the SMLC but contain less product. 
The applicator is the same. It is a slanted skinny doe foot/paddle foot applicator which is great for lining your lips and reaching the corners for a perfect application.
I think lip products with glitter go bad faster than products without, which is really sad. The shelf life indicated on the tube is 6M but I think it can last up to 2 years before they turn bad. Hopefully not. 

Most of these shades are really pigmented and I had no issue in applying them. There was only one purple shade that applied really streaky and felt really drying too. The others are pretty comfortable and not really drying, but they aren't as comfortable to wear for a long time as compared to the original liquid suedes. They dry down to a transfer proof finish and they are pretty budge proof too - only the glitter rubs off. These can be removed with micellar water/gel but they are most easily removed with an oil based remover.

I have swatched all 12 shades on my lips and you can check out my video swatch linked above. I am around NC 20, Asian. I'm wearing the Catrice HD Liquid Foundation in 030 Sand Beige for this post.

Exposed (Pale Gold)
This is a really metallic and glittery peachy nude with silver glitter. This would look great as a lip topper. It kind of accentuates your lip lines due to the amount of glitter in it but it isn't uncomfortable to wear.

Mauve Mist (Warm Rose Nude)
This is a really nice nude shade that is perfect for everyday wear. When you first apply it, the glitter doesn't show up much and it looks more like a satin sheen. You can press your lips together to bring out the glitter and it will show up more as pictured. The base color is really pigmented though and this one glided on with a creamy consistency and felt mostly comfortable.

Bella (Deep Reddish Copper)
Similar to Exposed, this has a super metallic and glittery finish. The base color is on the slightly sheerer side so it would make a great lip topper. Otherwise, you can layer for better coverage. This one accentuates the lip lines too and feels a tad drying.

New Era (Deep Metallic Bronze)
This is a really pigmented dirty bronze shade with a satin metallic sheen. The glitter is really subtle and you can bring the glitter out slightly by pressing your lips together.

Neat Nude (Dirty Grey Plum)
Another satin metallic shade with a really pigmented base. I tried to bring the glitter out by pressing my lips together but it didn't help much. I ended up with some bare patches because there is some tackiness to the liquid lipstick.

Buzzkill (Magenta)
This one isn't very metallic but it does have this pretty purple sheen to it and a really pigmented hot pink base. This one is really comfortable on the lips too.

Acme (Strawberry Red)
This one is a really metallic and glittery bright red. It didn't feel drying like Exposed or Bella. It doesn't accentuate my lip lines as well.

Modern Maven (Deep Wine with Blue Brown Pearl)
Similar to Mauve Mist, this one has a really pigmented base with a glittery finish. It's a super pretty wearable dark nude shade that would look great on anyone.

Pure Society (Deep Violet with Blue Pearl)
This may look patchy but it really isn't. I guess my applicator was running out of product and I didn't want to re-dip. This one seems to have hidden glitter so pressing your lips together may help to bring it out more.

Biker Babe (Burgundy)
This one has a satin metallic sheen with evenly distributed fine shimmer. It seems to accentuate my lip lines but didn't feel drying or uncomfortable. It's really pigmented and went on very evenly and creamy.

Ego (Bright Purple)
This is the only really streaky shade and I had to fix patches with a second layer. When it dried, it felt really drying and constricting. I felt like it was going to accentuate every lip line. It does have a glittery metallic finish so it is super high shine.

Go Rogue (Gun Metal)
This is a black shade with turquoise and silver glitter. Pressing your lips together will bring out that glitter and make it more sparkly. It's a close dupe to Kylie's Kymajesty.

Overall, I really like these. I do think they could do better with the shade selection because there seems to be a lot of red and pink tones. I would definitely like to see some orange tones or turquoise shades like their cosmic metals range. The formula is so much more convenient though, because they won't transfer and rub off everywhere.