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My Little Pony x ColourPop Swatches & Try-On | Asian Skin

I love it when ColourPop drops new stuff because it means new packaging and new colors! Their latest collaboration is with My little Pony and the theme seems to be on the pink and purple side. They do have bundles including brushes and makeup bags at a discounted price but I only bought the makeup because I don't need the brushes or an $18 makeup bag. 

There are 3 new Super Shock Shadow shades and they retail for the usual $5 each. You get 2.1g of product in each pot. The packaging features a multitude of ponies decorating the box and the insides have outlines of the ponies. CP recently revamped their SSS boxes to have cutouts on both the front an backs so that you can see the shade names easily. This applies to the original line of SSS as well. 

The pots in this series are a light pinky purple and the caps have the collaboration labels printed in a reflective purple with stars. 
 Cherries Jubilee (Opalescent Pink with Hot Pink Glitter)
 Posey (Soft Pinky Beige with Gold and Pink Glitter)
 Sunbeam (Pastel Lavender with Violet, Hot Pink and Ice Blue Glitter)
All three are in an Ultra-Glitter finish which means they are packed full of glitter! So expect extreme shine and glitter when using these. Cherries Jubilee and Posey do not have much base pigment so they are rather sheer. You would need to pack them on or like grab a chunk to use if you really want the base to show up. Otherwise, they would work great as eyeshadow toppers. Sunbeam has slightly more pigment to it and it is extremely pretty with all the colorful glitter. My favorite among the lot!
I also compared them to 2 of the SSS from the Amanda Steele collaboration because they seemed rather similar. Steele is an iridescent pink with some blue glitter and it has that sheer white base as well. It is in a Metallic finish but on camera, both Steele and Cherries Jubilee look very similar.

Ignition is the purple shade from the Amanda Steele collab and it is a different tone from Sunbeam so they aren't the same. Sunbeam has hot pink, violet and blue glitter while Ignition has violet and silver glitter. Both are really nice purples to have.
Next, we have the infamous 12-pan eyeshadow palette that retails for only $16. This is a must-have item because you get 12x0.85g of product and that is a lot for this price. It is way cheaper than their single eyeshadow pans and I'm pretty sure CP reformulated their pressed powder shadows. These feel a lot smoother in the pans, unlike the previous releases that feel very dry, chalky and powdery. The mattes do not have much kick-up as compared to previous eyeshadows. 

You know, when everyone else was saying that CP's palettes are so creamy and buttery, I was like NO IT'S NOT! This palette is the true definition of creamy and buttery.

The packaging is in a similar theme to the SSS. The palette itself does have holographic ponies and an ombre cloud background which is super dreamy. The palette does not have a mirror but both the backs of the box and palette have the shade names.
These are one-swipe finger swatches so I think CP really has stepped up their game for this palette. Applejack and Minty are slightly sheer and they don't build up in terms of intensity so what you see here is as much pigment and intensity as you're going to get.

From top to bottom:
Butterscotch: white with subtle pink violet opalescent sheen (although I don't see any pink violet sheen at all)
Blossom: metallic peach with pink and gold duochrome finish
Starshine: metallic golden tangerine
Bluebell: satin golden ivory
Applejack: matte dusty red violet
Skydancer: metallic bright icy lavender
Minty: matte cool-toned fuchsia
Flutterbye: matte true pastel peach
Twilight: satin deep blackened violet
Firefly: metallic silvery baby blue
Snuzzle: metallic icy white with opalescent blue duochrome
Princess Sparkle: metallic rich smokey turquoise
For my eye look, I decided to do a little fun halo eye because the palette is so colorful and it deserves to be played with. I have Butterscotch on my brow bone and I honestly didn't notice any pink violet opalescent sheen while swatching or using it. It just seemed like a very pigmented white and I know I used a little too much on my eyes here. It picked up very well on my fingers and brush and it felt very creamy and smooth.
Next, I have Flutterbye on my transition/crease area just to blend everything together later on. This shade is very smooth and creamy too. To start the halo, I have Applejack on my inner lid and Minty on my outer corner. I tried to layer these but they still looked the same so I couldn't intensify the pigmentation any more than this. I mixed in a little Twilight with Minty on my outer corners just to darken it and add some depth. On the center of my eyelids, I used Firefly and this was so metallic and foiled when I applied it with my fingers so I really like this shade.
On my lower lash line, I have Skydancer which is very similar to Sunbeam minus the colorful glitter. I blended all the edges with a touch of Flutterbye and added Bluebell to my inner corner highlight.
I did try and smudge Princess Sparkle onto my eyeliner in hopes that it would bring out the turquoise but it didnt' seem to have much effect. While it did give my eyeliner a turquoise sheen, it wasn't very obvious at all. This shade feels a tad dry like their old formula.

Next, we have the Pressed Powder Highlighters which go for $8 each and include a compact with a mirror. The pans weigh 6.5g and they have a pretty twinkle design. I also enjoy the design of the compact with the outline of the ponies in a reflective dark purple. There is a tiny hole at the back of the compact which you can stick a pin through to pop the pans out.
Starflower is described as a peachy gold and it seems to be more of a satin highlight because it is quite sheer and it doesn't have as much shine as a "blinding" highlight would.
Trickles is a lavender with pink opal duochrome flip. This is a very very sheer and subtle highlight. Again, it has more of a satin finish to give that natural glow kind of look.

These are honestly quite disappointing because ColourPop usually has very pigmented and blinding highlighters. Even their satin Super Shock Cheek highlighters are more pigmented and glowy than these. You really need to layer and build these up in order for it to show up. Trickles is really pretty but it is way too subtle for it to even be noticeable. Starflower is a lot better but I'd still recommend other highlighters over this.
I'm wearing Trickles over here if you can tell. There is a slight purple glow on my cheeks but I don't blame you if you can't pick it up. If you like subtle highlights, then go for it. However, do keep in mind that these cannot be built up at all.

Finally, we have the lip products. There are 3 Ultra Glossy Lips and 3 Ultra Matte Lips. They retail for $6 and contain 3.2g of product. The tubes for these have a light lilac cap, a purple rim with twinkles and the collab label in a reflective dark purple. The Ultra Glossy Lips are seriously so pretty to look at, especially under flash lighting!

Flutter Valley (Golden Undertone with Hot Pink and Gold Glitter)
This goes on as an almost clear gloss with a nude tint. The glitters are quite packed but not super intense to give a metallic/foiled look. Alone, it gives a plumping look and you can definitely see the pink glitter up close (not so much from afar). I think this would be great as a lip topper to make your lips appear fuller and juicier.

Ponyland (Lilac slightly sprinkled with Pink and Gold Glitter)
I love this shade! The lilac base is on the sheer side so it blends nicely with my natural lip color. If you'd like to intensify it, then go ahead and wear it on top of a mauve shade. It does have a gold sheen to it so it is really unique and pretty. Kind of reminds me of Coloured Raine's Kotton Kandy but in gloss form.

Dream Castle (Metallic Fuschia with Blue, Violet and Gold Glitter)
This one is really pigmented and the base color shows up a lot. It is packed with glitter so it looks like it has a duochrome flip to it. This seems to be the perfect gloss counterpart to The Rabbit from the USL range.

Lemon Drop (Bright Cool-Toned Lavender)
I love this shade for being so unique. I do enjoy purple shades and I haven't seen anything like this yet! This went on really pigmented and smooth but it did leave behind a pink stain.

Pin Wheel (Vibrant Cool-Toned Fuschia)
It seems like a lot of people love this color or are looking forward to getting this. I feel like I'm out of the loop because it is a pretty average hot pink to me. It would pair perfectly with Dream Castle though.

Moondancer (Blackened Plum0
This is my type of shade. This was not streaky or patchy at all which is really good for such a dark lip color. It feels totally comfortable on the lips too with no cracking or settling into my lip lines. Such a great shade for fall.


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