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CAOS Sabrina Spellman's Outfits

I've recently finished the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix and I gotta say, Sabrina Spellman is the queen of turtlenecks. It's probably because the show takes place during fall and turtlenecks are in right now, but I love the colors that she wears. It really makes her stand out against the dark setting of the show and is very reminiscent of the color palette of the 90s. 
I've compiled a few of my favorite looks of hers in this post because who doesn't want to dress like Sabrina? Her wardrobe is total goals.  In Chapter 1, this look really caught my eye. Sabrina had a purple turtleneck and orange-camel skirt with black tights. It's such a cute and chic look. Plus it goes really well with her signature red coat. Tbh, Roz looked really cute too. Her cream turtleneck and brown jacket combo screams fall!
Chapter 2. Sabrina has a red boat neck sweater that pops against her hair color. Roz is looking adorable again. She's sporting a purple sweater with a lea…

Mustard Outfits For Fall

When fall comes around, I'm all about brick red, burnt orange and mustard yellows. These colors go best with neutral shades like black, white and denim. In this post, I put together a collection of mustard themed outfits so that you can get inspiration on how to style mustard this fall.
If you're bored of pairing your sweaters with jeans, go for a pair of overalls. I like overalls with some rips and distressing for added details.
A yellow jacket is always a statement. Try to go for something neutral or basic underneath. I paired my cardigan with a crop top with a criss cross waist. You can also use a graphic tee and tie the waist in a knot.  Mustard stripes are so cute and I can't get enough of them. I paired this stripe shirt with a mustard button skirt for a monochromatic look and balanced out the colors with a cream cardigan.
Another way to style a mustard skirt is with black or white. I used a graphic ringer tee because I'm all about the details.
Black overalls als…

Lara Jean Inspired Outfits

Ever since watching To All The Boys I've Loved on Netflix, my dressing motto has been "What would Lara Jean wear?" I've compiled all her looks in this post, but I also thought of creating my own LJ inspired outfits.

Lara Jean wears a lot of stripes, buttons and blouses. I don't own a ton of blouses so I can't really do any of that style but I do have plaid shirts that LJ uses a bit of.
The only outfit that I can totally emulate is the one she wore at the milkshake shop. She had a white long sleeved mock neck shirt and maroon corduroy button up skirt. Her shirt had more ribbed details than mine and she wore maroon high top Converses but this is the best I could do.
LJ doesn't really wear anything sleeveless in the movie, but maybe she would if the weather was warmer. Anyway, this can be used during fall as well. Just throw on a beige cardigan and it would be full LJ-style.
This is a mix of the colorful thick stripes she wore at the airport with the maroon …

How To Wear Trousers & Wide Leg Pants

With colder weather creeping up on us, we're trading our hot shorts to longer, more comfortable clothing. Trousers have been trending, especially in Europe. We see stores like Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Forever 21, etc with trousers and pants that look like they can be worn for work as well as a casual day out.

If you are new to the style, you may not know what to pair with these pants. You've seen so many other people and mannequins rocking this style and you want to join in too. Thankfully, it can be dressed up and down so you can rock these style of pants whenever you want.

If you are going for a dressed down look but you don't want to look shabby at the same time, you can pair the pants with a short sleeved (graphic) t-shirt. Try not to go for anything too baggy, especially if you are wearing wide-legged pants because you don't want the clothes to look like it's weighing you down.

My favorite way would be to wear it is with a fitted crop top. This way, w…

TATBIL Lara Jean's Outfits

If you haven't watched To All The Boys I've Loved on Netflix yet, I have no idea what you are doing with your life. 
Just kidding. The move was just so cute and I'm in love with the aesthetic of the film plus ALL of Lara Jean's outfits. Her wardrobe is seriously goals. It doesn't help that this film was edited with an "Instagram filter" so everything looks dreamy and vintage. 
I decided to go through the film and screenshot as many of LJ's outfits as I could to compile a lookbook or reference for anyone who wants to try and achieve her look as well. I aspire to dress like her this coming fall. The movie starts out with LJ in a colorful stripe shirt under some black overalls. (Well, technically it was a red dress but she was also imagining it so it isn't really part of her closet). Stripe shirts are pretty common and you can find them easily on Forever 21, Charlotte Russe or Target. Overalls are a little harder to find but here's one in stock …