Friday, January 5, 2018

How To Get Mermaid Hair On Black Hair Without Bleaching / L'oreal Colorista Spray Review

If you have dark/black hair, you would be familiar with the struggle of finding hair dyes that work on your hair without the need to bleach it because everyone wants to have some fun and color in their hair sometimes. Bleaching can be damaging to hair and dark hair tones can lean orange or yellow so that alters the hair dye color too. Thankfully, we dark haired creatures finally have a product that can use to add color without bleaching or damaging our locks!
Introducing the L'oreal Colorista Spray! This is a 1-Day hair color spray that works on all hair colors. I found this in Australia at various drugstores. I got it for about AUD10 in Priceline and AUD7.50 in Coles when it was on discount. Usually, it retails for about AUD15 and in the USA, it goes for USD9.99. There are 43.2g/75ml of product
I got 5 colors - Pastel Blue, Pink, Lavender, Mint and Hot Pink. There are several other colors but these were the only 5 that I found in Australia. I really want the Teal shade though.
The can looks simple but I find it cute that they used the hashtag trend to label their shades. #pastelbluehair #pinkhair #minthair

The back of the can has some claims and instructions. To use it, shake it well and spray 10-15cm away from your hair. If you want to intensify the color, then spray it longer. This claims that it doesn't smudge or budge and that it dries quickly without a chalky feel. All that is true except that it does budge. If you touch it, the product will come off onto your hands even after the product has dried. 
The nozzle is really thin so it's great for targeting areas and doing highlights in your hair.
How to use:
  1. If you use any styling products in your hair, you should put this on first. Style your hair using heat tools if needed. 
  2. Make sure you have a paper towel or tissue in between your hair and shirt. Wearing a white shirt is relatively safe with this product because it doesn't come off or stain white shirts (except the hot pink color). 
  3. Shake the can well and start spraying! 
I wouldn't recommend combing your hair or touching it after putting the hair spray. It is a hair spray so your hair feels a little stiff after the product has dried. The product does come off a little if you touch it. It has a glittery finish so you can see it shimmer in person. 

The first shade I used is Pastel Blue. It doesn't look pastel at all on me so I'm not sure if it will turn pastel on blondes. It is a deep ocean blue on me and I really like it. It's so vibrant and pigmented!

Next to it, I used the Pink shade. I overlapped it with the blue so that created a nice purple in between. The pink turns up really nice and faded though.
I have the Lavender beside the pink but it doesn't look very obvious. It is actually quite similar.
The mint shade looks very green on me and I dig it.
Lastly, we have the hot pink shade. This one is super pigmented and vibrant and looks true to the picture on the can but it is super messy too. This is the only shade that transferred and stained badly even after it had dried. None of the other colors stained or transferred onto my shirt.
The pictures speak a thousand words about the pigmentation and vibrancy on dark hair. IT. IS. AMAZINGGGG. I LOVE IT. If you do not touch the color, it can last you the entire day. I do find it a little faded and gone in some areas after a day's worth of wear because of the wind and having to readjust my hair. This totally didn't feel chalky or drying like hair chalk and it did not dry my hair out. To remove it, simply hop in the shower and wash it off! 

I can't stop obsessing over this and I need more colors!