Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Loreal Colorista Paint in Violet on Dark Hair Review

I apologize for neglecting my blog for awhile. Continuing off from my previous post, I decided to do a review for the L'oreal Colorista Paint hair dye. I have been wanting to try the hair dyes from the Colorista range but after reading reviews on the wash-out line, it didn't seem to be suitable for dark hair. However, the Paint line seems great for dark hair and the box also indicates that results will show up on darker hair than on lighter hair! 
This retails for about $15 at the drugstore and it includes a 60ml tube of hair color, 60ml bottle of developer, 40ml bottle of conditioner, a brush applicator and a pair of gloves - pretty much all the items you need to dye your hair.
The instructions are to mix the hair color and developer in a 1:1 ratio. For my shoulder length hair, I used less than a quarter of each bottle (I don't have a lot of hair). The development time is 30 mins, so be prepared. You could use a towel or plastic bag around your shoulders, or apply vaseline if you fear the dye staining. I didn't use anything but I made sure to clean up the dye on my skin immediately after I was done applying the hair dye on my hair. So, just wet and rub the areas where the dye got on your skin and it shouldn't stain badly.
So, I have dark brown/almost black hair with ash tones and I have never bleached my hair so this is my natural hair color. I did an ombre look with this because I didn't want the chemicals to touch my scalp. My scalp is pretty sensitive to products and a lot of shampoos cause my hair to shed like mad. 
And here are the results! This is the result after washing out the hair dye and drying my hair. I couldn't get the water to run clear on my first wash though. 
You can see the clear difference between the dyed portions and undyed portions when light hits it.
I love how it turned out. It was truly a purple violet and exactly what I want in terms of purple hair. It's not super obvious under normal room light conditions but when the light hits it, you can see the hints of purple and berry. It looks phenomenal under sunlight.
Also, my hair looks and feels very smooth and soft thanks to the conditioning balm!
I wash my hair everyday and the color continued to run for a week every time I shampooed. However, I did not notice my hair get dryer or frizzier than it normally would.
This is how the color looks like after a week. It has lost most of its purple tones and turned more into a berry violet. Certain portions of my hair still retain the hint of purple. It's still pretty but just not as pretty as it was 1 week ago.
I'm currently in my 2nd week with the dye and unfortunately, some of it has faded in patches. There are a couple of sections that still have color and other sections that have turned into a bronze-brown. Thankfully, my hair is dark so it isn't super obvious but still quite a bummer. I had thought it would last longer since it is a permanent color.
All in all, I still think that it is a pretty good option for dark hair. We don't get a lot of fun colors to play with so if something works, I'll take it!

UPDATE: I decided to re-touch it and the dye sticks better now that my hair has been pre-treated/dyed already. I managed to go 3 weeks with color in my hair. Now, it's fading in patches again to a bronze tone.