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Innisfree My Foundation Review on Oily Skin

Coming at you with another foundation review! This time, it's from the Korean beauty brand Innisfree. I love the Innisfree No Sebum line for my oily skin because it works wonders on my skin so I'm super excited for this foundation because it contains Jeju Volcanic Ash and it is customisable to suit your skin needs. This foundation retails for ~$18 and you get 1 fl oz/30 ml of product in a glass bottle with a pump. There are 50 combinations to choose from (some sites say 50 "shades" but it's technically "combinations" because there are only 5 color shades). How to choose: As you can see, the bottles have got a decimal number on them and it basically represents the moisture and coverage level. The first digit represents moisture: 1 - matte 2 - semi-matte 3 - dewy From what I have researched so far, option 2 (semi-matte) is pretty dewy so if you have oily skin, you might want to stick to the matte finish. The second digit represents cove

LA Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation Review on Oily Skin

I'm always excited when a drugstore brand releases a high coverage matte foundation because I find it fun to see if a new formula can beat one of my holy grail formulas in my collection. My current #1 foundation is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which is really expensive so if a drugstore foundation can compare to it, I am all for it. This foundation is pretty new. LA Girl does have a Pro Matte Illuminating foundation that was pretty popular but I read that it is more for dry skin since it is pretty dewy with little oil control. The Pro Matte HD foundation is targeted towards oily skin and retails for $10 on the LA Girl website or Ulta. I got mine off Amazon for $12.99 including shipping. The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump and 1oz/30ml of product - very good packaging imo. There are 14 shades to choose from but the website swatches are horribly inaccurate and I would suggest looking around YouTube or Google for better swatch images. I got the 4th lig