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nail art: tumblr floral nails

I've done this nail art quite a number of times already. I really like it because there's coral and mint green in it! Got the design from tumblr actually. Like, this: So pretty right. I tell you how to replicate.  Light mint green, darker turquoise, white, coral, gold and pinks for the flowers. The pictures are self sufficient instructions because there really isn't much to it. Just add a base colour and add a coat of gold for the little finger and middle finger. Then paint stripes for the index and thumb. You can choose to add the turquoise/mint colour as a base then use the other colour as the stripes. Up to you.  For the flowers, I dotted a few big dots of light pink/purple then used my toothpick and dark pink nail polish to add some details. I draw flowers by dragging from the center to the edges then highlight the rest of the edges like a dotted line. Don't forget to add some leaves.  AND, I made a matching phone cover because I

nail art: mint iced nails

Just did these this morning. They're not the best job I've done mainly because I was impatient today and I just wanted to move on to the next nail as soon as possible. So, ended up messing up a lot.  I've had this idea for quite a while and though I'm not totally satisfied with the result, it's still nice.. Materials: Nail foil - I ended up using only two pieces of the biggest size in the pack, meant for toes Nail polish - I used a light mint green from thefaceshop and a black nail polish from etude house Nail file Nail scissors Steps: Buff and clean nails Apply base coat (optional), then apply your colour over. I used one coat then the nail foil and then the next colour coat over the uncovered parts again. Cut out a fitting size of nail foil and paste it on your nail. I just estimated so it's not perfect. I pasted with the long edge first and covered the tips with excess because my tips are a bit rounded, so I needed the foil to wrap around

nail art: pink ombre

This week's nail art is ombre! All you need are at least two nail polish colours. They do not need to be in different shades of the same colour. You can use any colour like fuschia and orange.  Materials: Top coat Nail polish Makeup sponge It works pretty much the same way as the galaxy phone case tutorial , where you will use the sponge to do a bit of blending. I painted my nails with white first to bring out the colours, and also because some of my colours weren't very pigmented.  Paint your sponge with the colours you are going to use in succession, like what I did.  Dab it onto your nail. It doesn't matter if the colours didn't transfer fully. You can keep doing this step until you are satisfied. I gave mine about 2 or 3 coats of colours before I got my final result. Let the polish dry before proceeding with the next coat of colour, and remember to keep the polish on the sponge wet.  You don't have to wait for all the nail polish to dry b