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skinny girl alterations

If you do not already know, I am quite skinny and I face this problem where lots of cute clothes will not fit me and my frame because they can look oversized or too shapeless on me. Another problem is that some clothes are still too big for me even though they are supposed to be an S or XS size. Well, if these pieces are relatively cheap and I can think of a way to do a simple alteration on my own, I still get them anyway. In this post, I'll be introducing some simple sewing tricks I have used to tighten my skirt waistband. They can be modified to be used on other types of garments as well. Disclaimer: I am no sewing expert. 

The denim circle skirt you see up here is in S size but it was initially a tad too big for me. It would sit below my belly button so it didn't really look nice in my opinion. If you go onto lookbook or just google denim circle skirts, you'd see that everyone wears it high waisted and that's how it should be. So, I had to think of a way to make it more fitting for me. 

And here is what I did. I sewed on two sets of snap buttons (which I bought from Daiso). One on the original bronze snap button so that it wouldn't flap around when I wore it and another one to provide more secureness. End result would be like how I'm wearing it in the first picture. Simple alteration. Note that since the waistband is made of more than one layer of fabric, you just need to work on the surface of that fabric to hide the thread from peeking through the other side. 

Another simple alteration would be the use of a hook if your skirts are too loose. They can also be found at Daiso for just 2 bucks for a few. This hook was already attached to the skirt but i shifted it in a bit more to make it tighter. As you can see, the skirt is actually a size M but the cutting runs small. It was also thrifted, so I didn't have much choice. Well, but that solved the problem for me because the skirt has so many pleats that moving the hook to tighten the skirt didn't affect the look when it was worn too much. 

Here's how it looks like when I wore it. The hook closure is at the back so it's not visible as well. It also doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. For shorts, I've shifted some of the buttons to make them more fitting but if the button is made of those metal studs like those on jeans, then you might need to find a different way of altering them like maybe inserting a rubber band into the sides. I do need to try that out some day because I have a couple of good pants that need to be tightened. 

The last and simplest trick to altering the waistband of skirts (if they are not an elastic waistband) is to just sew a straight stitch as shown above (when the skirt is turned inside out). Make sure to do the sewing on the sides of the skirt so that it is not obvious when worn. The other side of the skirt should be a zip or if the zip is in the centre of the skirt then you will have to take in both sides of the skirt evenly.Try to sew at an angle for the best result because a straight line will mean that the skirt will not be hugging your body and it won't look nice with crop tops. 

Make sure the stitches are tight though. When it is turned back out it will look like that above. Don't have to worry about the extra hidden piece of fabric because it will lie quietly against your body when you wear it. It will look exactly like this when worn. This can be used for some non-stretchy tops as well, but try to stick with skirts for this method. 

I will try and address questions as best as I can if you have any. I am a sewing noob as well and all these have been done via trial and error. They involve simple and basic stitches, nothing complicated so it is really easy to do. 



  1. I wish my problem was being too skinny ;) haha! Thanks for the informative post, love!


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