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modernego referral (10% off your purchase)

Today, I'm excited to share a new store that I've just discovered. It's called Modern Ego and you can find some seriously cute stuff for a great price. I'll let the pictures do the talking so here are some of my picks: Also, you might want to bookmark and use this link to get 10% off your purchase Higher Standards $37 Shake Your Pom Pom (Shorts) $26 Airee (Cardigan) $33 Striped Watch $25 Be Jeweled $26 Be sure to check them out before they run out of stock! Some items are already running out of sizes! There are loads more where these came from so make sure to use the referral link when shopping! xoxo

sponsored: lightinthebox

My package from arrived on the same day as my items from hopshopgo! I waited a long time for this one. No idea why though. I was beginning to wonder if my sponsor had given up on me before starting D:  I'm so glad they didn't. I love the items that arrived in the mail! Items featured here are available at lightinthebox . They have been very generous to let me have all these gorgeous beauties:  Mesh crop top :   Cross back crop top :   Floral culottes :   Cape sleeve lace top :   Knitted sweater : Lightinthebox has a wide

wetseal & urban outfitters shopping haul

I bought a total of 5 items from Wet Seal when they were having a 70% off clearance sale, so my items only amounted to slightly over 20 bucks! They are always having some sort of promotion or sale. If it's not a BOGO sale, it's a half off sale. I just placed another order for two slip dresses when they were having a 50% storewide sale. Also, you get a 10% discount code when you sign up for an account or newsletter or something. For this order, I also got a code to use free shipping when I spent more than $15.  I took a long time contemplating on whether or not I should buy stuff though. I had added a whole bunch of stuff in my cart and some of them were running out (though I figured I could live without those items so it didn't matter). Eventually, I bought two cardigans, a pair of daisy leggings, some oxfords and a NY pendant necklace. The cardigans were at a clearance price of around $22, so after 70% it was about 7 bucks. Couldn't help but buy them in both c

forever 21 shopping haul

I hardly do shopping haul posts but I'm quite excited and happy with my recent purchases. Also, I always find my purchases to be quite lame after a few days of buying. I'll be like, I should have bought something else instead...but then I'd remember why I bought what I bought, because it was cheap.  So I got 7 pieces of clothes from Forever 21. Two floral crop tops, two basic spaghetti crop tops, 2 bras and a pair of denim shorts. I'll be adding my own outfit layouts and photos of me wearing them as soon as I find the time to photograph them.  Frayed Denim Shorts $14.80 My spree pretty much started because of these shorts. I mean, they look so perfect on the model! But I never fit well into F21's shorts or pants unless they had an elastic waist. For $14.80, I decided to give it a try. I can't seem to find any cheap distressed high waist shorts in my size anyway. The really pretty ones that would definitely fit me are in the thirties range. I might inves

hopshopgo review

So recently, I've been on an online shopping spree with my newfound card freedom. I was debating between vpost and hopshopgo to use as a forwarder to ship back to Singapore and actually settled on hopshopgo by just looking at the shipping rates. I actually only found out more hidden costs in hsg after using their services. I will be doing a detailed review on the process and services of hsg as best as I can in this post to help anyone facing a shipping freight dilemma.  Hopshopgo is a freight service by comsgateway, but a newer and improved version of it. Moreover, it uses paypal which ensures buyer's security and gives you a 10% shipping discount. I've read of credit card fraud cases with comsgateway so this will not happen with paypal in the picture. You'd need a paypal account to register an account with hopshopgo. You'd then get a US shipping address located at Portland, Oregon completed with a Zip code and telephone number. It looks something like this

nail art: ocean lights

Took many shots of these but I'm still not quite satisfied with my photo.  Well, my nails for the week are in a gorgeous shade of dark blue. I actually painted it over a black base to make the colour more intense. This blue would also be perfect to do galaxy nails. It's just so mysterious and magical.  I also added a triangular shaped pattern filled with silver glitter. I used scotch tape to accomplish this. All you gotta do is make sure that your polish is dry before sticking on the tape to use as guides. Then, paint your desired colour on and remove the tape slowly, peeling in the direction which your nails grow i.e. from the base to the tip of your nail. It is super simple to do these but I think my choice of colours make these nails more suitable for prom or for a night out. Also, the silver glitter triangles keep reminding me of a white christmas.  4 more weeks of school and I'll be more free (hopefully) to do other diy projects to share! Also, can't wai

ootd: BFF spring outfits

I haven't updated this space for a long time because I have been so busy with school work. Since I haven't posted anything related to fashion for a long time, I shall do a short spring outfit post because I haven't written anything for so long!  I haven't bought anything new yet so I've been mixing my clothes around to create new outfit variations. I've been feeling so uninspired! I did, however, manage to do up these two sets of outfits which are great for a BFF matching outfit day. They aren't bff twin outfits cos the prints don't match but they look good together. So, down below, you can see me being my own bff in the two outfits when worn.  The plain tank top is from Cotton On, but I actually bought it for just $2 from a local reseller. The material is super soft and flowy, which makes it perfect to tie a knot! This is a rare phenomenon in my closet because the tops I get normally can't tie knots. The skirt is also thrifted but there&#