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forever21 shopping haul 5

I applaud my shopping skills. I placed yet another order at forever 21 using my giftcard a week after my previous one and it's $209.44 altogether. How is this gift card prize going to last me? Hopefully there won't be anything much to get during autumn and winter with all that crazy sweater weather. But i crush on cardigans and pretty sweaters so much, it's going to be hard.  I used a 20% discount code with this purchase. F21 sent me an email one fine day telling me that they have been having technical issues and apologised for it, but I didn't know their website was malfunctioning. Everything seemed alright to me. Maybe they're just finding a reason to give a discount code and I'm not complaining. This saved me a lot. Plus, I used Ebates to get 4% cashback on my purchase. (Sign up and get $5 immediately! Click on the link provided please).  I Hate Mondays Muscle Tee $12.80 Such graphics are quite in trend nowadays so although these are pr

forever21 shopping haul 4

I finally received my forever 21 gift card prize from the 30th anniversary instagram challenge. I paid 24 bucks to ship it back to singapore though. The gift cards were split into 500, 500 and 200 dollars each and it also came with a cute little necklace. No idea why forever 21 likes to use huge ass boxes like this though.  So the moment I got them, I immediately used up the 200 dollar gift card. I got 19 items for $199.98 altogether (after 10% discount).  LA Dream Tulip Tank $12.80 This is a cute tank top with an interesting back. It's got a little slit and overlap at the back, hence the 'tulip'. The graphic is nice too.  Crocheted Floral Dolphin Shorts $12.80 As usual, I was hesitant about these shorts in case they were too big for me. I got them in XS and they are still a bit big. It rests slightly below my belly button but they can be worn higher if the waist band was smaller. Not a big fan of the cutting and shape of these shor