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forever 21 shopping haul 8

Floral Fantasy Bow Hair Clip Set $1.80 How do you resist cute little bows? Forever Cool Cutout Necklace $9.80 > $5 These are so not worth the price. Even for $5, I do think that it is still on the expensive side. They are super cute though. The length is just right but the beads are plastic and not metal. So the paint will probably come off soon. The other parts of the necklace are made of lightweight metal, so they do not feel promising as well. I just really really like the design of this and wish it would be of better quality so that I can wear it for a long time.   Floral Print Skater Skirt $8.80 This is just quite an impulse buy. They are cute but I wouldn't gush over them. The colours do not look as nice as they do in the photo. I wouldn't really recommend them.   Highwaisted Acid Wash Jeans $19.80 I've wanted some acid washed jeans for some time now so I got these (in size 24) but I'm quite sad that these do not f

necessary clothing haul

I stumbled upon Necessary Clothing , which is a boutique located in New York, while watching youtube videos of laurdiy's hauls. She picked quite a few nice things so I checked out their website. They offer free domestic shipping on orders over 75USD and international shipping is at a flat rate of $20. I went to their sales section to see if I could snap some good deals and I did! I found two pairs of shoes and three tops and then I figured I'd just pay for international shipping since there were shoes involved and the shipping fee isn't exorbitantly high.  Left: Karlie Cutout Boots | Right: Karlie Cutout Sandals Both these pair of shoes were $16 each and I got them in size 7 but I think I could have fit in a 6.5 because I can still stick a finger in after wearing. They come with a zipper at the back for easy wearing and adjustable buckles. They are cute but I'm not sure if the toe is too pointy for my liking. What do you think of them? The boots cut my feet at

iwearsin haul 2

If you've read my first iwearsin review, you'd know that I said that their stuff are quite pricey and that I had to wait a long long time to receive my package. Well, when trying to place my order for these, I experienced many problems with their website. There was once when their voucher could not be applied to my cart and then the system couldn't recognise Singapore as a shipping destination. So, I emailed their customer service and was asked to place an email order, which I did. They sent me a paypal payment request and I paid for the items. They also told me that they would send my package out via USPS directly from the US so that it would take a faster time to reach me.  So, I waited. I made payment near the start of the month, but my account was updated to reflect my order only on the 7 July. I was told that the order processing was slow because of Independence Day so I continued to wait. After two weeks since my payment, I asked them about my order again and

forever 21 shopping haul 7

Got a few things right after my previous haul and I just realized that all these consist of florals and lace!  Cropped Lace Cami $11.80 This is much pinker in person and I don't really fancy that. It is still cute and kinda reminds me of iwearsin tops so I guess I will still wear it. I received a defective piece though but it is nothing major. They just sewed one of the straps wrongly so it is twisted.  Crochet Lace Cami $13.80 I like the halter cut of this and the nice pink colour that it came in. It is sorta cropped. I was expecting it to be much longer but I'm glad it isn't. This can totally match the white rose skirt I got below.  Free Spirit Flounced Crop Top $8.80 I got this because it reminded me of iwearsin's swing tops and I was also quite surprised that these were still around in smalls and all. They are so cute! It is such a steal if you want a basic floral top.  Floral Lace Crop Top $6.80 I'm not so sur