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diy: fraying denim shorts

I finally had time to do a simple little diy/tutorial for you guys. I know summer is almost over but if you are still looking to turn your jeans into shorts, here's a little diy I did on how to fray your shorts. I got these ombre high waisted shorts from rearrangeus yesterday and loved how they fit except that I found the shorts to be too long so I decided to cut them! I will be doing a review on these custom made ombre shorts as well so keep an eye out. 
The shorts kinda look like this at first. It's got some beautiful rips at the hem but the legs are too long for my liking. I have always envied those girls who could fit into perfectly made high waisted shorts with a curved hem to show off those legs but you know, they are always too big on me. Since these shorts were more or less my size, I decided to cut them to my desired length and give the shorts some of my own touch. It is totally fine to cut your jeans in a straight line to produce shorts in the same cutting as above but I cut mine slanted so that the sides were higher than the crotch. 
Like this! Take not to tuck the pockets out first so that you do not accidentally cut your pockets. Also, you could try cutting on side first and then folding the shorts in half to cut the next leg. 
You can start fraying your shorts by taking your scissors and scraping the raw edges. The threads will start to come loose and you will see the first signs of fraying. I scratched the frayed edges after that to loosen more threads.
It kinda looks like this. It's not a lot of fraying yet but you can toss it into the washing machine and it will fray more. 
Or you could take a blade and slice the threads by pushing your blade upwards to create more frays then toss it into the washing machine. You can make your frayed edges longer this way.
Can you tell the difference? This is more frayed than the first method. I just haven't put it into the washing machine yet to test because I'm thinking the colour is sure to run in the wash so I think I will put that on hold first. 
You can also create additional rips on your shorts for a more worn look by just slicing the fabric.
So this is currently how my shorts look like now. I will update with another picture if I do put my shorts through the washing machine. I definitely want it to fray more though!



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