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December Looks: Velvet!

The big new trend right now has got to be velvet! So many stores are stocking up on their velvet dresses and there is really no reason why not. It is such a fall/winter material and the sheen of velvet makes any outfit pop. It is perfect for the festive season or to dress up a classy outfit.  The recent trend for dresses also comes in the form of skinny straps and dip backs. This makes it perfect to wear over a shirt on colder days or if you just don't feel like showing so much skin.  They can be dressed up or down with sneakers but I personally think that they go great with strappy heels and over the knee boots - both of which I lack in my closet so I just wear them with my buckled booties. The back of this dress is seriously my favorite because of the exposed criss cross design but it is also hard to wear a bra with it so I'm glad the shirt under a dress style is a thing for now.  You can definitely wear short sleeved tees under instead of long sleeves like

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Collection

My blog has recently been overtaken by ColourPop because I buy something there every other week and so I have a ton of products to swatch. Here, I have 18 lip swatches of their Ultra Matte Lips from their permanent line. You can watch the video to see the detailed process of applying the lippies or just refer to the pictures here for the color :) Times Square "You'll always be bright in this muted pink beige that never sleeps" I was kinda scared of this shade at first because it seemed so light and nude. It's a nice beige with pink undertones and it turned out pretty well on me! Definitely going on the favorite nudes list. Does not transfer. Beeper "Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me in this greige rose" This is slightly darker than Times Square but it still has that pink undertone to it so it does pretty well with my skin tone. Does not transfer. Bianca "Get moves like Jagger in this soft mauve" This seems to

DIY Levis/RunwayDreamz High Waist Shorts

I always get a ton of questions about my shorts whenever I post a layout picture on Instagram. "Where are those shorts from?" "Where can I find those shorts?"  So, to answer your questions, I did a short video on how to find and make these tumblr af Levi's high waisted shorts. You can turn any pair of denim jeans into shorts simply by cutting them, but if you want the super tumblry kind that you see all over the Internet, then you'll be needing some Levi's. You can visit your nearest thrift store to see if they have any. Otherwise, I like to hunt for them over at eBay. They shouldn't cost more than $10-20 for a pair so it is relatively cheap and simple to get them.  For reference, I am a size US 0 (24" waist). For my size and frame, I find that the boys sizes fit best because they already come in with a mid-high rise as compared to girls sizes. I find that 10R-12R/25W work best for me. They fit just right at the waist and not too

ColourPop Holiday 2016

Limited edition packaging and colors? Hell yeah! Time for another order... I got everything in the 2016 Holiday Collection except for Sleigh (eyeshadow), Fanny Pack (highlighter) and Knotty (Ultra Matte Lip) but I am thinking of adding the former two to my collection. So, if you were to get the entire collection, that would total up to $174. They have since added new kits to their holiday collection and I will be getting the Blues Baby kit in my next purchase.  In the meantime, they shipped my order in a huge box this time with a cool retro red design. Let's start with the sets first since they are the main attraction of the collection. It is designed and packaged like a vinyl record. The external sleeve is a thick glossy cardboard decorated in retro leopard prints and roses. The blue parts of the box are metallic foil so they are reflective. The shade names are printed on the back of the sleeve box. The record kits are also a thick cardboard box so it is pretty s