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ColourPop Holiday 2016

Limited edition packaging and colors? Hell yeah! Time for another order... I got everything in the 2016 Holiday Collection except for Sleigh (eyeshadow), Fanny Pack (highlighter) and Knotty (Ultra Matte Lip) but I am thinking of adding the former two to my collection. So, if you were to get the entire collection, that would total up to $174. They have since added new kits to their holiday collection and I will be getting the Blues Baby kit in my next purchase.  In the meantime, they shipped my order in a huge box this time with a cool retro red design. Let's start with the sets first since they are the main attraction of the collection. It is designed and packaged like a vinyl record. The external sleeve is a thick glossy cardboard decorated in retro leopard prints and roses. The blue parts of the box are metallic foil so they are reflective. The shade names are printed on the back of the sleeve box. The record kits are also a thick cardboard box so it is pretty s