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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Collection

My blog has recently been overtaken by ColourPop because I buy something there every other week and so I have a ton of products to swatch. Here, I have 18 lip swatches of their Ultra Matte Lips from their permanent line. You can watch the video to see the detailed process of applying the lippies or just refer to the pictures here for the color :)

Times Square
"You'll always be bright in this muted pink beige that never sleeps"
I was kinda scared of this shade at first because it seemed so light and nude. It's a nice beige with pink undertones and it turned out pretty well on me! Definitely going on the favorite nudes list. Does not transfer.

"Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me in this greige rose"
This is slightly darker than Times Square but it still has that pink undertone to it so it does pretty well with my skin tone. Does not transfer.

"Get moves like Jagger in this soft mauve"
This seems to me like a lighter version of Clueless. It's a nude light pink shade which is very sweet and I'm glad it didn't wash me out too much. Does not transfer.

Lumiere 2
"Meet Lumiere's new sister, a deep dusty mauve"
I gave this color another go and I have actually come to like it very much. It still wears slightly purple on me but I am loving purple lips recently so I'll let that go. The lasting power is pretty strong but you definitely will need to reapply after a meal. My only other complaint would be that my bottle was not filled up to the silver line, so it looks like I've used up 1/4 of the bottle even though I've only used it like 5 times. CP's been cheating me? Does not transfer.
Cheap Thrills
"$5 dollas will make you holla in this dusty lilac"
Well, technically CP's liquid lipsticks are $6 so the description is inaccurate here. This is definitely more purple than Lumiere 2 and it does dry down darker than in the tube. I think it is a pretty cute color nonetheless. Does not transfer.

"Never look like a full-on Monet in this dusty mauve"
If you love pink, you'll love this shade. It dries slightly darker than the tube and makes a great pink lip that lasts all day (except through meals). However, it does tend to stain the lips bright pink so that's just weird. Does not transfer.
Teeny Tiny
"A little name with a lot of heart you'll love this deep greyed out plum"
This one is like a brownish-red. It's a very interesting color because it is a really dark nude with red undertones. As you can see, it dried darker than the tube. Does not transfer.

"Not the douchey kind but a dusty burgundy"
This color actually looks darker in person but I am in love with it. It's a nice dusty red with a tad of brown so that it is not fully red. Pretty accurate to the description and lasts all day. Transfers slightly.
"Everyone will bee buzzing when you wear this warm rose"
I wouldn't call this shade a rose color because it looks like a full on bright orange on me. Okay fine, if I look closely, it is like a bright pink with orange tints to it so I guess "warm rose" is pretty true. I'm not a fan of orange shades so I'm not sure how often I will use this color. Does not transfer.
Love Bug
"Everyday is Valentine's Day when you wear this rich mahogany"
I'm thinking if you mix Teeny Tiny and Bumble, you'd get Love Bug. It's a dusty brick red with warm undertones and the consistency of this seems to be slightly thicker than the rest. Anyhow, I used quite a thick chunk of this for my swatch and dried really heavy and chalky on my lips. My bad. Transfers slightly.

"Sleep all day, stay up all night in this deep brick red"
This is my super please face at this perfect shade of dark red. I'm seriously in love. It seems to be a little bit patchy but I don't care. Transfers slightly.

"We are pretty positive you are going to love this deepened raspberry"
Another big love because this dark raspberry red is perfect. It can be a bit patchy sometimes but otherwise, this is the kind of color that would look great on any skin tone. Transfers.

"Put a little YOLO in your solow in this flamingo pink"
This is the brightest pink so far. Sorry for the super bright photo but the sun was a bit crazy and it was playing hide and seek with me while I was filming, but it is really a bright flamingo pink. No lying about that. Does not transfer.

"You’ll really want to sink your teeth into this true dusty rose"
If you could only choose one pink shade, I'd say to go for this one. This is the most beautiful dusty rose pink from their permanent line and would look great on so many skin tones. I seriously can't imagine it looking bad on anyone. Transfers slightly.

Are N Be
"ARE you ready to BE fabulous in this rich mauve"
LOL sorry for the messy swatch here. This is a slightly darker and more purpley version of Viper. It's also really pretty but it does transfer slightly.

Bad Habit
"This dusty mauve pink will be a bad habit you don't want to kick"
I wish this shade looked darker and more like the swatch photo on their website but it is still a very nice muted fuschia. I'm pretty sure the color difference is a result of a formula change but if you are going for a bold lip, this is perfect. Transfers slightly.

More Better
"Girl you hot now, but you'll be looking more better in this deep wine"
Another perfect raspberry pink! I definitely need more of this color. Nothing much to say about it because it is simply perfect. Transfers slightly.

"Keep it real in this classic blue-red"
Honestly, it seems to have a little bit of warm undertones to it but it may be due to the lighting. In person, it seemed like a neutral red, albeit bright. It wore very very lightweight on the lips and very comfortable on the lips. It literally felt like there was nothing on my lips and I almost forgot about it. Transfers slightly.

There will be a part 2 to this because I forgot to swatch one of the shades and I have more coming in soon plus I plan on purchasing the other crazy colors such as Dr M to try out for fun.

Just in case you were wondering, my top 5 shades in no particular order would be Avenue, Notion, Viper, Tulle, More Better. I will definitely want to stock up on these.


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