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MakeUp Revolution Haul + First Impressions

I recently discovered Makeup Revolution which is a makeup brand based in UK and they offer really cheap and affordable makeup that is at the same time very pigmented and high in quality. You can get their stuff from the drugstore (Superdrug, Ulta, etc.) or online at Tam Beauty

They ship worldwide so you should have no problem getting your hands on some of these goodies. Their rates are pretty affordable or if you spend over £60 or something, you can get free shipping. Not sure if this is the same for all countries but that seems to be the case for Singapore. 

My order got shipped in two packages but I only received one tracking number so I kinda freaked out when I got my first package and half of the items that I had ordered were missing. I hurriedly contacted customer service and also double checked the tracking number. I got a reply within 24 hours and was told that I should be expecting 2 packages. However, in the first package that I got, 4 out of the 8 eyeshadow palettes that I received were broken. Two of my iconic palettes were scratched pretty badly on the external surface and one of them had a broken chunk of eyeshadow. Two of my chocolate bar palettes had a shattered eyeshadow so it was a total mess. I was extremely pissed that they had no packaged and protected my stuff for shipping when I made such a huge order with them. The broken eyeshadows were such a hassle to clean up and it got all over the place. It was a Friday when this happened so I had to wait till Monday to receive a reply from them and I was kinda impatient so I spammed all their social media platforms and emails for a replacement or refund.

I must say that even though their Facebook page is filled with negative reviews and bad ratings, they do reply their messages there. I mean, hardly anyone would bother giving a business a rating if they had a good experience. People are more likely to hit you up if they have an issue with their order and want to complain. I settled for a replacement but there was no tracking number or shipping email for my replacement package so that is a bit weird. 

In the meantime, I'm ready to review and give you my first impressions of the items that I picked out from their website!

First up, I picked up two lipsticks that were £1 each. Freedom London Pro is one of their sister brands. I got a wine purple shade (Rebel with Cause) from MUR and a brick red color (True Power) from Freedom.
They are very average lipsticks. They do not appear as pigmented as they look and will need 2-3 layers to get full coverage. They have a sheen to them and of course, they will transfer. They are moisturizing on the lips so they are relatively comfortable to wear. The MUR sort of smells like cereal and the Freedom one does not have any scent.

I also got their Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner which they also claim to be "amazing". It was £1.50 so hey, why not? My current holygrail eyeliner is running out and if there is a cheaper alternative for that, then I am all for it.
There is 3ml of product in the tube and it comes with a stiff brush applicator. It does produce fine lines with precision and the color does not bleed. However, on the eyes, it's kinda painful to use because the brush really scratches your eyelids. Once dried, the eyeliner does not smudge or transfer. As for the waterproof claims, water will not cause it to slide or anything but if you rub it while wet then it is going to flake off.

Next, I got the HD Pro Scult & Contour gift set which was going at £12. This one comes in a pretty big box with the contour palette, a flat contour brush, a flat blending brush and a blending sponge. So, if you are intending to get this as a gift, it is a rather nice box to wrap.
I'm really impressed by the quality of the palette and the tools. There is a shimmery highlight shade, two matte highlights, a banana shade and four contour shades. The matte highlights don't really show up against my skin but they can be used to set your concealer or under eyes. All the powders are really creamy and easy to work with. The brushes are super soft and caress your face. The sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. It is very dense and squishy and it does expand when damp. There is a good mix of warm and cool colors for the contours and a variety of shades to match different skintones. Honestly, you can just take a tiny bit of it and blend it out as desired so that all the shades work for you. The banana powder is used for correcting redness but I found it useful in blending out my contour when it's a bit too excessive because I am Asian and we have yellow skin.

Also picked out the HD Pro Eyes & Brows gift set that comes with an eyeshadow palette and three eye brushes. Again, it is £12 and comes in a similar box packaging.
The brushes are very soft and there are 32 shadows to choose from in the palette. According to the box, the first column is to be used as eye bases and the last column is for the brows, but you can totally use them as brown eyeshadows. This is a very neutral palette with a ton of browns, greys and pink plum tones so it is totally up my alley. The first two columns are kinda matte, third one has satin shadows and the fourth and fifth one have shimmer shadows.

I think they are quite famous for their 32 ultra professional eyeshadow palettes so I picked out the one in Flawless. I had wanted the Affirmation palette too but it was sold out and a whole bunch of others were sold out too. These are £8 and come with 16g of product so that is 0.5g per pan. This palette came in a very pretty reflective rose gold box with the shades printed on the back (but really, you can't tell anything from that).
There is a huge mirror inside and the shade names are printed on a separate sheet of plastic, but they seem pretty useless imo because they have so many palettes with so many shadows so who's keeping track of their names? The palette itself is not as big as it looks. It is about 1.5x the length of an iPhone 7 so it fits in my hand easily. It is also the same length as the chocolate bar palettes below.

The Iconic palettes are supposed to be dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes and they are £4 each so I had to grab them to try them out. I don't own any Naked palettes so I think these will make great alternatives. I've seen swatch comparisons on other pages and I think they are pretty close dupes! They probably don't sparkle as nicely as the urban decay ones but you can't complain for the price. The shadows are pretty pigmented and they spread very well. The matte shades are not patchy or chalky and the shimmers are intensely creamy and smooth.

You get 14g of product for 12 shades so that is a little over 1g for each pan. I definitely think these are must haves from MakeUp Revolution, especially if you do not own the naked palettes. The palettes have a good mix of matte, satins and metallic shades to create various looks. Plus, they are so easy to put in your purse and bring around.
I'm currently loving the Iconic 3 out of the trio because of all the pink and purple shades and I think pink is so easy to work with.

The Chocolate Bar palettes are from I Heart Makeup, which is another sister brand. This is the Death By Chocolate palette and it is supposed to be a dupe for Too Faced's chocolate bar palettes. They are £7.99 and they do smell like chocolate too and there is a very big mirror. The arrangement of the palette is very similar to that of Too Faced's and the colors are pretty close as well. The shadows in here are undoubtedly pigmented, smooth and creamy. They spread and blend easily and I did not press and rub my finger in the pans to swatch these. Just look at how intense that black is! This is a very neutral palette with some pinks, browns and cool toned colors.

This is the I Heart Chocolate palette and it has more warm shades like the burgundy, olives and browns. It has a good mix of mattes inside too so that you can have some transitions and bases. The palettes have 22g of product for 16 pans so that is more than 1g per pan. 
The Pink Fizz palette smells sweeter and almost like strawberries. It has dessert kind of colors like pale pinks and blues. There are a ton of shimmers in this one and the matte shadows take the form of lighter colors so they may only be good as base shades.
The Golden Bar is the latest addition to the chocolate bar family and it consists of sating and metallic shadows. There are no mattes in here but the satin shades can replace them since they do not sparkle as much. The colors in here are pretty warm and they look similar to one another. There are a ton of browns, bronzes and olives so if you are a fan of those colors then this is your palette. This palette is £8.99. 
Finally, I got their massive 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2017, plus the shimmer version for £10 each! They are huge!! Definitely not portable and quite overwhelming with the amount of choices you have. The first 4 columns are pretty similar because they are extremely light and look more or less the same on skin. Then, the middle of the palette is filled with browns and neutral colors. They are pretty cool toned. The last part of the palette contains all the bright and fun colors to add a pop to your look. The neon colors are very chalky and sheer so they do not look like they do in the pan. They are not as creamy and easy to apply as the eyeshadows from the previous palettes but for the amount of product you get, this is a great deal or gift idea. A lot of the colors look different when applied to the skin so you can check all the swatches out in a video that I made below. 
Strangely enough, the matte eyeshadow palette is in a glossy box and the shimmery eyeshadows are in a matte box. The shimmer palette is a huge love to me because I go weak for everything that sparkles and shines. The first 2-3 columns make good highlight shades since they go on pretty light in color but intense in pigmentation. They apply very smooth and creamy, and they transfer extremely well from my finger to skin. They do not apply well with a brush so just use your fingers with these. There are some chunky glitter shadows and those are extremely glittery and pretty. I haven't tried those on my eyes yet but there were no fall out issues with my finger swatches. The blues are not as pigmented in this palette so they may need some work. Not all of them are metallic. There are some satins and column 11 actually has some supposedly duochrome eyeshadows. They have contrasting colored reflects but the effect isn't very intense so it is almost unnoticeable. 
Totally planning on hauling more chocolate bar palettes and the unicorn hearts rainbow highlighter. Do let me know what your favorite MUR product is so that I can get more stuff!


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