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Indie Spotlight: B'ellegant Cosmetics

I've got a ton of liquid lipsticks to review and I'm getting behind on them but in this post and in this week's YouTube video, I did a review of B'ellegant Cosmetics' matte liquid lipsticks and a single eyeshadow that I got. I picked these up a few months ago when they were having a birthday sale and everything was 40% off. I believe this is a black owned company and since they are such a small brand, there aren't a lot of swatches available on the Internet so I just eyeballed it and picked up 3 matte colors and 3 metallic matte colors for the liquid lipsticks.  Both the solid colored and metallic ones are under the "Liquid Matte" section of the website and they are $14.50 each. There is no weight or capacity indication on the tube or website but since the packaging is very basic and similar to other indie brands, I managed to find out that the fat tubes for the solid colors are 7ml and the skinny tubes for the metallic colors are 8ml. The fat t

Daisy VoxBox

I got my first VoxBox from Influenster about a week ago. Influenster is a review platform where you can rate and review almost anything - from beauty to cars to hotels. VoxBox is what their beauty box is called but unlike it being a subscription, they handpick people every month to receive these boxes. It's free of charge and in return, you review the products on Influenster and your social medias so that you continue staying eligible for the boxes. I got the Daisy VoxBox and it's my first box so I'm excited about that. However, I'm personally not so excited about the things in the box. This is the card that was included in the box that shows what is inside. Unfortunately, my greek yoghurt is missing but I'm not missing that because I do not like yoghurt. There are a bunch of tasks to complete and badges to unlock on the app so that is quite fun to do. The item that I've been enjoying the most in the box is this Nature's Bounty Probiotic Gummies. I

J.Cat Lipfinity Matte Liquid Lipstick

I'm so excited to review this brand of matte liquid lipsticks because they are amaaaazing! These are the JCat Lipfinity Matte Lip Colors and they are $4.99 for a massive 12g of product. You can find them on the JCat website or on Ulta's website. This is the most product I've seen in a liquid lipstick so if you look at the cost per grams, it's really a steal. These are made in China but they are not tested on animals. I'm not sure why they don't have the cruelty-free stamp on their website but if you contact them directly, you'll get a response. Colors There are 24 shades in total and the color selection is mainly a bunch of reds, oranges, pinks and browns. Some of them look very similar to each other so there isn't much of a variety. Still, if you can find a handful of shades that you like, these will last all day on the lips! Pigmentation & Formula These liquid lipsticks have a minty chocolate scent, similar to TheBalm's liquid lipsticks