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J.Cat Lipfinity Matte Liquid Lipstick

I'm so excited to review this brand of matte liquid lipsticks because they are amaaaazing! These are the JCat Lipfinity Matte Lip Colors and they are $4.99 for a massive 12g of product. You can find them on the JCat website or on Ulta's website. This is the most product I've seen in a liquid lipstick so if you look at the cost per grams, it's really a steal. These are made in China but they are not tested on animals. I'm not sure why they don't have the cruelty-free stamp on their website but if you contact them directly, you'll get a response.

There are 24 shades in total and the color selection is mainly a bunch of reds, oranges, pinks and browns. Some of them look very similar to each other so there isn't much of a variety. Still, if you can find a handful of shades that you like, these will last all day on the lips!

Pigmentation & Formula
These liquid lipsticks have a minty chocolate scent, similar to TheBalm's liquid lipsticks. They also have a slight minty menthol feel on the lips but it disappears shortly after application. These have a creamy texture and most of them are pigmented. It's not the super intense one-swipe pigmentation that you would get with say ColourPop but it's still pretty good - more like Wet N Wild's Liquid Catsuits. Some colors require two coats to even out any patchiness but these layer very well so it's easily fixable and remains comfortable to wear on the lips.

Packaging & Application
The tubes are relatively plain and simple. They come in a clear plastic tube with a black cap, which feels very hollow. The color that you see on the tube is the exact color of the liquid lipstick because there is no colored sticker label on the tube. The doe foot applicator is skinny and more elongated than the usual doe foot. It's relatively easy to use and the pointed tip allows me to reach the corners of my lips and line my lips. However, it doesn't really pick up enough product most of the time. I find myself having to re-dip which is something I rarely do with liquid lipsticks. For this, one dip is only good for one half of my lips.

Comfort & Longevity
Some shades dry down a little tacky but it doesn't affect the color or wear when you press your lips together. They do not feel drying at all even after 7-8 hours of wear. These are 100% waterproof, transfer proof and smudge proof. If you need a liquid lipstick to last you all day through eating and talking, this will do the trick. It did wear off a bit in the center of my lips after my meal of rice with fish and sauce plus some ice cream - not too bad considering what I ate. But there is absolutely no bleeding, no feathering and no need to constantly check your lips in the mirror. Watch my video and you'll see me do a smudge test under running water. It's simply amazing for the price!! The only thing that really took the lipstick off is oil so when I had ramen for dinner, the lipstick got patchy and I decided to use the oily soup as a remover LOL.

Overall: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 4.5/5 (some patchy colors)
Application: 4/5 (did not pick up enough product)
Comfort: 4.5/5 (fairly comfortable and not drying)
Longevity: 5/5 (only oil is going to remove this baby off)

Champagne Buzz
This is a warm nude pink that is perfect for everyday use. No issues with pigmentation and comfort here. 

Tiara's Stolen
This is a neon pink with shimmers in it. It is very very sheer and streaky so I had to use 2-3 coats, and even so, it's not fully opaque. This one also felt particularly drying on the lips. I would not recommend getting this.

Day Club Chaos
This is almost like a brick red. It's a really nice red without being too red or bright so if you are exploring reds or you just don't want something so in-your-face, this would be nice. This applied evenly with no patchy spots.

Tonight, My Name Is..
This is a nice light milk chocolate brown. Perfect for those everyday looks too. Pigmentation is decent and I only used one layer for my swatch, but you might want to add another one to deepen the color. 

Bottom's Up, Ladies!
This is a really bright orange but pigmentation is full coverage here. 

Party In Progress
This is a bright coral. It's got a good balance of orange and pink in it so I can't tell which side it leans more towards. It's ever so slightly streaky but totally unnoticeable from afar. 

Last Night, Single
This is a blackened purple. Really nice vampy color but it's quite streaky. I used two coats for my swatch but it still needs some touch up.

Wandering Eyes
I like to call this dead lips but it's like a dusty pinky brown. I could definitely use another coat to even out the color. You can see some of the pink base pigments on my cupids bow. 

Late Night Rebels
 This is a pastel pink that went on surprisingly well. Not my kind of color though.

Lost & Found
 This is a really nice mid-toned red. I got even pigmentation with this. 

Call Me, Maybe?
 It looks really brown in the tube but it pulls more of a dark red on my lips. It's very patchy though but I only used one layer here. Just add on a second coat to fix it and deepen the color. 

5 Inch Heels
 This is another bright coral but it's clearly more on the pink side. This was a very pigmented shade.

Sin City Light
This is a really pigmented blue based pink. Can't go wrong with this color!

Vegas Before Vows
This is a bright warm red shade. It's very pigmented as well.

Early Morning Mimosa
Another orange shade that is very similar to Bottom's Up, Ladies but not as bright.  

Single, Mingle Tonight
 I usually need 2 coats with this shade to even the color out but I'm only wearing one here. It' s a nice muted red and adding a second layer will help to deepen the color a bit. 

Flashback Memories
 This is a hot pink shade and it's quite pigmented so only one coat is needed.

Flirty Talks
 I wanted to love this shimmery navy blue but it was very sheery and streaky. I needed 2-3 layers to build up the color and because there's glitter in it, it made the lip color feel very drying.

Girls Night Out
 This is a bright purple that is slightly streaky. A second coat is required to even out the color.

Bottles Left & Right
 This is like a bright coral red. It's quite pigmented though.

Spunky Showstoppers
 Not as bright as Flashback Memories but still quite a bright fuschia pink. My lips were either drying out or the color is a tad patchy and clingy.

Final Fling
 This is a deep chocolate brown. It's slightly streaky but you can easily fix those spots.

Ca$h Money
 This is a warm nude shade or you can also call it a peach. I'm surprised at how well it worked with my skin tone. 

Wild Limo Rides
This is a true black shade although I think it pulls a little green on me. I might just be tripping though. This was crazy pigmented and I only needed one swipe to achieve full coverage. However, it smelled different from the rest of the colors - like slightly fruity but still minty. It also seemed to be quite thick in consistency because it was extra drying on the lips.

Below is my personal ranking for all the liquid lipsticks that I have tried so far. My list may vary from post to post as I try out more colors from each brand. They are weighed against the price, some pros and cons. Those marked with * indicates that they are not necessarily transfer proof / satin liquid lipsticks (they will naturally be more comfortable).

Personal Overall Ranking

  1. Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit $4.99 - $0.83/g, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting | dark colors are patchy
  2. ColourPop Ultra Matte $6 - $1.875/g, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | some shades are drying, accentuates lip lines
  3. *ColourPop Ultra Satin $6 - $1.875/g, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range
  4. *Atomic Makeup (Lonely Planet) $15 - $1.875/ml, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wearable everyday colors
  5. Give Me Glow Matte $13.25 - $2.03/ml, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | some colors transfer slightly, accentuates lip lines
  6. JCat Lipfinity $4.99 - $0.41/g, comfortable, wide color range, long lasting | a handful are slightly streaky and tacky
  7. *Julep It’s Whipped $20 - comfortable, pigmented, flattering shades | $4.87/ml
  8. Stila Stay All Day $24 - comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | $8/ml, flakes, accentuates lip lines
  9. *NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream $6 - $0.75/ml, comfortable, wide color range  | streaky
  10. The Beauty Crop GrlPwr  $14.95 - comfortable, pigmented | $3.73/ml, limited shade range
  11. RealHer Matte $15 - long lasting | $3.33/ml, dark colors do not layer well, tacky, drying, accentuates lip lines
  12. *NYX Liquid Suede $7 - $1.75/ml, comfortable, unique colors | some streaky colors
  13. *Bellegant Liquid Matte $14.50 - $2.07/ml, comfortable, pigmented, unique colors | inconsistent formula, not transfer proof despite claims
  14. Kylie Cosmetics $17 - comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | $5.23/ml
  15. Jordana Sweet Cream $4.99 - $1.66/g, pigmented, wide color range | drying, flakes
  16. NYX Lip Lingerie $7 - $1.75/ml, nudes for everyone | drying, accentuates lip lines, tacky, slightly streaky
  17. *Palladio Velvet Matte $7 - $1.68/g, comfortable, pigmented | feathers and bleeds
  18. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss $6 - $1.20/g | sheer and streaky, very drying, tacky

Comfort Ranking (* = not transfer proof)
  1. Atomic Makeup (Lonely Planet)*
  2. Julep It’s Whipped*
  3. Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit
  4. ColourPop Ultra Satin*
  5. JCat Lipfinity
  6. Palladio Velvet Matte*
  7. Bellegant Liquid Matte*
  8. Give Me Glow Matte
  9. The Beauty Crop GrlPwr
  10. Stila Stay All Day
  11. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream*
  12. NYX Liquid Suede*
  13. Kylie Cosmetics
  14. ColourPop Ultra Matte
  15. RealHer Matte
  16. NYX Lip Lingerie
  17. Jordana Sweet Cream
  18. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss


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