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Lonely Planet/Atomic Makeup Silky Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatches & Review

Lipstick swatches are one of my favorite things to do so I gathered my Lonely Planet Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and did a swatch and review in my latest YouTube video. Earlier on this year, Lonely Planet Cosmetics announced that they were going to hold their anniversary sale as well as closeout sale because they were going to shift their headquarters to New York and rebrand to Atomic Makeup. So when the sale came around, everything was 50% off. Their liquid lipsticks were typically $15 for 8ml so they were marked down to $7.50 and some of them were even $5. The sale lasted a really long time and I ended up placing 3 separate orders with 24 shades altogether. I think they had a massive range of 35 colors but honestly, their color range isn't very impressive. It is filled with your typical reds, pinks, nudes and browns with a handful of bolder shades.
Another thing I noticed when I swatched these is how inaccurate some of the shades have been represented. I remember reading a reddit thread that mentioned how their colors differ batch to batch so it looks vastly different from the swatch photo. If you look at my video thumbnail which shows the collage of all 24 shades, you'd notice that some of them look very similar to each other. I got them on sale and I understand that they hand-make these liquid lipsticks so I shan't complain much but I'm just bummed that I didn't get the colors as advertised.
These liquid lipsticks came in a clear plastic tube with a golden cap. My first order had boxes but subsequently, they came as loose tubes. The applicator is a typical doe foot applicator that isn't too big or too small for my lips so I had an easy time applying this. They do have a new tube design now that holds less product so they are currently priced at $13.
The formula is amazing and I have not heard anyone disliking them. It has a whipped moussey texture that dries down to a completely matte look but isn't transfer proof. It sounds strange but think about it as ColourPop's Ultra Satin Lips minus the sheen. Once you smack your lips together to blot the sheen away, it looks ultra matte. It doesn't transfer a lot but it removes easily so a meal will definitely remove most of it off unless you eat really carefully. The matte shades are pretty pigmented. Only the darker shades tend to be patchy but a second coat will fix everything. The metallic shades have a more oily and liquidy texture that doesn't really dry down so they stay slippery on the lips. Most of them are pretty sheer and require a couple of coats to achieve full coverage.
If you've been keeping up with my liquid lipstick list, I have ranked these as #1 on my comfort list. These are so comfortable to wear that I'm pretty sure you can go 24 hours with it and your lips will not feel dried out at all. I had a good 8 hours of wear with it and my lips felt as hydrated as they were before I put on any makeup. Adding a second layer to fix patchiness will not affect the comfort of these liquid lipsticks. They reapply and meld together very nicely. If you have dry lips or if your lips are sensitive to matte liquid lipsticks, I highly recommend these to get the matte lip look.

Overall Score: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Application: 5/5
Longevity: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5

However, they rank at #4 on my personal ranking list because of the shade selection and the fact that it is not transfer proof. Sometimes you just want to not have to worry about your lipstick coming off on cups or on your clothes, so there are a lot of other options. ColourPop has a wider shade selection and assuming that 1g=1ml, they are priced the same according to $/g. Wet N Wild's liquid catsuit is a super comfortable transfer proof matte liquid lipstick so it stays at #1.

Here are the swatches and reviews of all the shades that I own. Not everyone of them has been stocked on their new site but they have brought back some classics and a couple of new shades. Hopefully some of them will be relaunched again in the near future. Also, I tried to find descriptions for the shades but information is very limited so pardon me if I described them wrongly.

Bowery V
Bowery V is the lightest shade that I have. It is like a taupey mauve with greige undertones. It's a really nice nude color for everyday wear or neutral looks. It dried slightly darker than in the tube.

Pet Cemetery
Pet Cemetery is slightly darker than Bowery V but it is in the same family of greige mauve. It has obvious purple grey tones to it so it is also a nice nude color. If you're afraid of being washed out by Bowery V, then you can opt for Pet Cemetery.

New Pleasure
I think this has got to be my absolute favorite shade out of all the colors that I own. New Pleasure is a plummy rose. It is a dark purple with hints of pink so it looks very very flattering against my skin tone and makes my lips look bigger as well. Another perfect mauve to add to the list.

Be Nice
Be Nice is supposed to be a plum purple but mine looks more like a maroon with plum undertones. This one obviously went on patchy with one layer. I have seen other pictures of this where it appears more like a wine purple >:(

Heart Of Glass
This is a valentine's day edition shade and it is a metallic fuschia pink. I like this tone of pink as it isn't too bright and neon for me. There are lots of hot pink and silver glitter in this to give it a nice metallic shine. Because it is a pink, it's not very obvious that it is actually slightly sheer and streaky. 

I guess this is the shade that inspired their new name. Atomic is a bright raspberry pink-red. It's such a juicy and fun summery color. This went on very pigmented with no streaks.

Designer is one of the shimmer shades. It has a rosy pink base that is suitable for everyday wear and a slight blue-purple shimmer. The shimmer gets activated when you rub your lips so it's supposed to intensify over time. From my experience, the shimmer doesn't get very intense even after hours of wear, so I don't know how people get their swatches with such intense blue shimmer when mine barely shows. 

First Time
This is a warm pink with gold shimmer. It is a great dupe for Sugarpill's Trinket at a much lower price. I think the glitter isn't as intense but I like this because I don't want to be as overwhelming as Flitter from ColourPop where it just looks gold on my lips. I didn't have to rub my lips for the shimmer to show through but I guess it will help to bring out more golden glitter if you do. 

 Copycat is a rosey mauve that is slightly darker than First Time. It's a nice MLBB shade to darken the lip color and yet remain neutral. Swatches online have shown this to be a close dupe to Jeffree Star's Androgyny. I hope it is because I like that color, but I kinda feel like mine has too much pink in it.

Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane is a really nice nude with chestnut plum undertones. Compared to Copycat, it looks more brown. It's also a really nice MLBB shade.

With Love
With Love is a warm rosey nude. It has light peachy tones to it and it makes a great neutral lip for everyday looks.

Debbie is darker than With Love but it also has that warm peachy tone to it. It is a pink chestnut color that has a peachy brown undertone. It's a great MLBB toned color too. 

Keepsake is a chestnut nude and screams fall. It is much more warmer and more orange than Debbie.

Brick City
Brick City is as its name is supposed to be, a brick red..but ummmm mine looks really orange donchathink? This seems more like a pumpkin spice color than brick red which I'm really mad about because I was looking forward to a nice brick red shade. On the other hand, I also want a pumpkin spice color but I just wasn't prepared for this. 

Untouchable is described as a berry mauve and I think swatches online show it with more berry tones unlike mine which looks like a plummy brown. 

Train In Vain
 This is supposed to be a plummy pink but mine looks more like a chestnut red. I think it's supposed to be darker as well. It's just really really different than advertised and slightly patchy.

Night Out
Night Out is a spicy raisin red. It can be darkened with a second layer but either way, it's a really nice red to wear both in the day time and night time.

Red Lurex
I swear this looks a lot darker on other swatches that I've seen. This is a blue-toned/neutral red with gold glitter. It's not intensely packed so it intensifies and shows up more as you rub your lips. 

Tie Me Up
Tie Me Up is a darker blue-toned red than Red Lurex and it's a really nice bold red. Solo in Soho is supposed to be their blue based red but I think this is a really nice blue based apple red too.

NY Doll
 NY Doll is a metallic brown with burgundy shimmer. One layer will definitely be sheer and patchy so it definitely needs layering. It's a really unique shade that I haven't seen anywhere else.

This is a nice warm milky chocolate brown that is slightly patchy. A second layer will fix that and also darken the color a tad.

Mystery Girl
 Mystery Girl is a metallic brown with green, red and silver shimmer. It's really nice up close but a second coat will make it look nicer.

Running Riot
 This is a dark maroon shade but it's patchy so you definitely need a second coat to fix everything. It's a really nice maroon shade but I'm pretty sure I got it because it was supposed to be a dark purple. 

I was most excited for this shade but it's sooooo sheer. This is a metallic black with lots of teal blue/turquoise glitter. Application was so troublesome and patchy. What you see here is three layers of this lipstick and my lip color still peeks through. Moreover, because the metallic formula is so oily and doesn't dry down, the color continues to slip and slide and wear away very fast from the center of my lips as I talk. It's such a gorgeous shade but also so problematic :(

Definitely do check out my video review to see these in action!

Below is my personal ranking for all the liquid lipsticks that I have tried so far. They are weighed against the price, some pros and cons. Those marked with * indicates that they are not necessarily transfer proof / satin liquid lipsticks (they will naturally be more comfortable).

Personal Overall Ranking

  1. Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit $4.99 - $0.83/g, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting | dark colors are patchy
  2. ColourPop Ultra Matte $6 - $1.875/g, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | some shades are drying, accentuates lip lines
  3. *ColourPop Ultra Satin $6 - $1.875/g, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range
  4. *Atomic Makeup (Lonely Planet) $15 - $1.875/ml, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting | inconsistency in colors between batches
  5. Give Me Glow Matte $13.25 - $2.03/ml, comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | some colors transfer slightly, accentuates lip lines
  6. JCat Lipfinity $4.99 - $0.41/g, comfortable, wide color range, long lasting | a handful are slightly streaky and tacky
  7. Bellegant Liquid Matte $14.50 - $2.07/ml, comfortable, pigmented, unique colors | not very transfer proof
  8. *Julep It’s Whipped $20 - comfortable, pigmented, flattering shades | $4.87/ml
  9. Stila Stay All Day $24 - comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | $8/ml, flakes, accentuates lip lines
  10. *NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream $6 - $0.75/ml, comfortable, wide color range  | some streaky shades
  11. The Beauty Crop GrlPwr  $14.95 - comfortable, pigmented | $3.73/ml, limited shade range
  12. RealHer Matte $15 - long lasting | $3.33/ml, dark colors do not layer well, tacky, drying, accentuates lip lines
  13. *NYX Liquid Suede $7 - $1.75/ml, comfortable, unique colors | some streaky colors
  14. Kylie Cosmetics $17 - comfortable, pigmented, long lasting, wide color range | $5.23/ml
  15. Jordana Sweet Cream $4.99 - $1.66/g, pigmented, wide color range | drying, flakes
  16. NYX Lip Lingerie $7 - $1.75/ml, nudes for everyone | drying, accentuates lip lines, tacky, slightly streaky
  17. *Palladio Velvet Matte $7 - $1.68/g, comfortable, pigmented | feathers and bleeds
  18. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss $6 - $1.20/g | sheer and streaky, very drying, tacky

Comfort Ranking (* = not transfer proof)

  1. Atomic Makeup (Lonely Planet)*
  2. Julep It’s Whipped*
  3. Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit
  4. ColourPop Ultra Satin*
  5. Bellegant Liquid Matte
  6. JCat Lipfinity
  7. Palladio Velvet Matte*
  8. Give Me Glow Matte
  9. The Beauty Crop GrlPwr
  10. Stila Stay All Day
  11. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream*
  12. NYX Liquid Suede*
  13. Kylie Cosmetics
  14. ColourPop Ultra Matte
  15. RealHer Matte
  16. NYX Lip Lingerie
  17. Jordana Sweet Cream
  18. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss


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