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Teal Makeup for Monolids + Outfits!

Summer's here and bright and bold colors are in! However, there aren't a lot of tutorials or looks for monolids/single eyelids/asian eyes that use these bright and fun colors. So, in this post, I have taken it upon myself to create and show you 3 looks featuring a pop of teal ! I love turquoises and teals and it is coming back in trend this summer so what better way to celebrate summer than with some teal! Do watch my video to see all the products in action. I created some outfit ideas to go along with the looks so that you aren't left stranded with what to wear. However, my eyes are tiny so the makeup doesn't show up much on camera when zoomed out LOL. But I swear it is there and it doesn't look that way in real life.  You can definitely use these methods with all sorts of colors so don't limit yourself!  The first look features a neutral smokey look with a teal undereye. These are the eyeshadows that I used for this look. You do not need t