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How To Get Mermaid Hair On Black Hair Without Bleaching / L'oreal Colorista Spray Review

If you have dark/black hair, you would be familiar with the struggle of finding hair dyes that work on your hair without the need to bleach it because everyone wants to have some fun and color in their hair sometimes. Bleaching can be damaging to hair and dark hair tones can lean orange or yellow so that alters the hair dye color too. Thankfully, we dark haired creatures finally have a product that can use to add color without bleaching or damaging our locks! Introducing the L'oreal Colorista Spray! This is a 1-Day hair color spray that works on all hair colors. I found this in Australia at various drugstores. I got it for about AUD10 in Priceline and AUD7.50 in Coles when it was on discount. Usually, it retails for about AUD15 and in the USA, it goes for USD9.99. There are 43.2g/75ml of product I got 5 colors - Pastel Blue, Pink, Lavender, Mint and Hot Pink. There are several other colors but these were the only 5 that I found in Australia. I really want the Teal shade